Ultimate Kitchen Provides Vacuum Sealer With Moist Food Option

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(Newswire.net — July 4, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen, a growing e-commerce firm, has announced that they are providing an upright vacuum sealer with food option settings suitable for home chefs. The brand has a number of kitchen products that have been highly rated on Amazon after positive ratings from first clients. The vacuum sealer joins several other kitchen products being supplied by Ultimate Kitchen. The products created are for baking, cutting and chopping food, and also making coffee. The products are offered in different designs, sizes and finishes.

Ultimate Kitchen’s vacuum sealing machine with food option settings can be applied to seal various forms of food like meat, fish, and chicken. The user just needs to adjust the right settings so that the pressure is not too much for that particular food. In addition, it has an automatic suction for sealing the bags in one step. The motor that the food vacuum sealer comes with can be used to power the vacuum sealer machine to seal vacuum bags of different sizes.

Home chefs at times find it hard to cook a lot of food for the fear of it getting spoilt. The upright food vacuum sealer will prolong the life of food 5 times longer than it could have lasted. Ultimate Kitchen’s food sealer can also be used by chefs to seal food they intend to eat the whole week.

This online brand combined with Amazon so that it can distribute its products to clients around the world. The vacuum sealer can as well be found on Amazon where it is currently being sold.

The different settings that the sealer has include moist food setting and gentle setting switches. The gentle setting is applied to prevent delicate foods from being squeezed by setting a lower pressure. On the other hand, the moist food setting enables the user to conserve moist food without the moisture being sucked out. Despite of the type of food needed to be preserved, the user simply needs to adjust these settings to properly conserve the food to last longer than normal.

“Home vacuum sealers can help you keep moist and delicate food for long,” said Cassie Clark, Director of Operations for Ultimate Kitchen. “At times, people throw away food because they don’t have the right equipments to preserve it. This upright vacuum sealer is able to seal the bags well in order to store food for long. Instead of throwing away excess food prepared at home, one can utilize such a vacuum sealer to keep it and prolong its life. But with this vacuum sealer with food option settings, you can store whatever food is left for another day.”

The Ultimate Kitchen upright vacuum sealer is presently listed on Amazon at $29.99. It comes with a 5 year replacement warranty that guarantees buyers of the quality of the home sealer. After its release, the product was received positively by Amazon buyers. A verified Amazon purchaser said, “I’ve tried several different vacuum sealers in the last couple of years. Out of all of them this one has the most powerful motor and works the best overall. Just as it says in the description, it extends the lifespan of foods. It’s been great sealing up leftover ingredients for future meals. Very pleased with purchase and I recommend.”

Sealing perishable foods is important to extend their lifespan. Raw meat or fruits can be sealed and prevented from spoiling fast by using a quality vacuum sealer. Ultimate Kitchen’s upright vacuum sealer has food option settings to properly seal different foods as needed in order to extend their lifespan.

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