Magnesium Has Shown Promise as an Alternative for Asthma Attacks

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( — July 12, 2017) Orlando, FL — Many asthma sufferers are reliant on pharmaceutical solutions to manage their condition. While these pharmaceutical options are useful, it may be beneficial to take into account the potentially therapeutic effects of certain minerals that the body needs to function and stay healthy.

Magnesium has shown promise as an alternative for asthma attacks. This amazing mineral is vital for hundreds of processes inside the human body. It is so important that its deficiency has been linked with the onset of a number of symptoms and conditions.

Asthma can be a troublesome condition to live with. There are many sufferers who can’t live as conveniently and hassle-free as others due to this medical problem.

Addressing the possible root cause of the asthma problem may be an excellent way to start managing it. Magnesium supplementation has been found in some studies to be extremely useful in addressing a variety of health issues and inhibiting their reoccurrence.

In one study, it was found that magnesium has a potential to be a short-term option for asthma attacks. Some researchers postulate that this miracle mineral could relax smooth muscles at the bronchial level. It also had the same effects on smooth vascular muscle (blood vessels).

It is believed to aid asthma by blocking excessive calcium levels via its possible influence on calcium channels throughout cellular membranes.

A review of seven trials even found that magnesium may be a beneficial and safe option for individuals with severe acute asthma.

Today, more and more people are considering magnesium supplements to take advantage of the health potentials of this mineral. One formula to consider is the Divine Bounty magnesium citrate, which is without a doubt one of the most potent supplements available.

Every capsule doesn’t just contain high levels of magnesium, but also citric acid. It is thought to work by increasing magnesium absorption inside the body, which means it could enhance the absorption of the mineral. It offers 1,300 mg per serving and this delivers 208 mg of elemental magnesium.

One of the best things about using this fantastic formula is that it offers 120 capsules per bottle. This allows consumers to have a 3-month supply of this extra-strength formula. This only demonstrates the commitment of Divine Bounty to make the best quality health-enhancing products available at a reasonable cost.

These capsules are easy to swallow, and they do not contain the ingredients that many consumers are trying to avoid. Consumers would be able to make the best use out of their hard-earned dollars by using this amazing formula.


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