Rtec-Instruments Showcases Products at STLE 2017

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(Newswire.net — July 8, 2017) San Jose, CA — Celebrating five years of growth and industry-leading innovation in the field of tribology, the San Jose, California company Rtec-Instruments recently showcased several of its products at the Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Annual Meeting, held in Atlanta, Georgia on May 21-24, 2017. On display at the annual meeting and trade show were several of the company’s innovative test meters, including two of its MFT Series Tribometers and a Dual Mode Lambda Profilometer. “Being able to demonstrate our capabilities to tribologists and lubrication scientists at the meeting was an incredible honor,” says Tushar Khosla, an applications scientist with the firm. “We were able to interact with industry partners and scientists from the global tribology community, which helps us continue our path of innovation in this field.” To learn more about its innovative tribometer line, visit https://www.rtec-instruments.com/universal-tribometer.htm.

Tribology is the scientific study of friction, wear, and lubrication. The tribometers on display at the STLE meeting were from the company’s MFT series, which are equipped to perform a wide range of test setups that meet or exceed ASTM/ISO/DIN standards. Interchangeable modules allow for quick setup and testing. The tribometers at the show were configured for two testing protocols; the first was set up to perform block-on-ring testing, and the other configured for ball-on-disc with inline 3D imaging. The tribometer set up for block-on-ring ran continuously at high loads for the three days of the meeting, impressing engineers and scientists in attendance. The other tribometer, this one with the 3D imaging capability, showcased the company’s leadership as the only commercial developer of that imaging technology, which helps scientists study surface morphology changes over time.

Rtec’s tribometers are versatile and designed specifically for material research and evaluation for materials like lubrication, ceramics, polymers, and biological samples. The company’s Universal tribometer can be configured to perform a variety of tests according to established international testing standards. The tribometers can be found in wide use in the lubrication industry, especially oil and lubricating fluids production and testing.

Also on exhibit was the company’s Dual Mode Lambda Profilometer equipped with a unique and innovative head that combines white light interferometry and spinning disc confocal testing techniques in the same unit. The profilometer is capable of measuring several parameters at once, such as wear volume, scar width, wear depth, and flatness.

Rtec-Instruments was founded with the goal of providing advanced imaging and surface testing instrumentation to industries of many types. The company brings together some of the leading minds in testing instrumentation, including engineers, technicians, and materials scientists. The company’s headquarters in San Jose house all of the firm’s R&D, manufacturing, and client support operations. “Attending trade shows and meetings like STLE allow our company to respond to industry needs,” says a spokesperson for the testing instrumentation developers. “Exploring current research in the lubrication industry and that of tribologists gives us ideas for future innovation in our laboratory measuring equipment.” For more information on the company and its extensive line of advanced tribometers, visit https://www.rtec-instruments.com/tribometers.htm.

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Based in Silicon Valley, California, Rtec-Instrument was established by team of testing instrumentation professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field. The company is a leading provider of instruments for the materials science and surface inspection industries, offering continual innovation that is backed by a commitment of excellence. Rtec specializes in optical and surface profilometers, indentation and scratch testing equipment, and multifunction tribometers.


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