Sleep Apnea, No Adult Cure. For Children, There’s Hope!

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There is a need for more Certified Dentists and Orthodontists.  The world leader in advanced orthopedic and orthodontic treatment with patented removable appliances, offers CE training for a growing response to the HealthyStart™ system in the care for young children.  9 out of 10 children have one or more outward symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing, the underlying cause of these symptoms are the habits the appliances correct.  There is a growing need for Dentists and Orthodontist able to treat-to-cure the underlying root cause.  Over 3.5 million children have been treated globally in the past 50 years.

Immediate upcoming certification courses in Orlando,  Charleston, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Jackson, Boston and Ann-Arbor are scheduled with special focus on the 50 Year Anniversary in CHICAGO Aug 4th.-5th.

The HealthyStart™ treatment is UNIQUE and remarkable. The appliances align the jaws and direct the tongue into its proper place so the entire oral cavity is remediated through the appliance use, to function as nature intended.  

On a parents’ watch.  In recent headlines, did ‘Sleep Apnea’ play a role in the death of Carrie Fisher?  A troubling question for parents with young children headed in the direction of lifelong sleep and breathing issues.  The bigger question of what can be done to prevent such a future?  For these children, there is help by addressing the underlying root cause of Sleep and Breathing issues allowing for a healthier future for our children.
Many families have children with habits that produce symptoms that over time take-hold and may ultimately result in Sleep Apnea.  In children, the medical profession will assign the term, Sleep Disordered Breathing, (SDB) as a condition diagnosed and treated.  The term, Sleep Apnea, is generally recognized as an Adult Diagnosis.  By any name, what can be done for your child- NOW?
Prevent early or treat with Band-Aids for life. The objective is to catch a child in their growth and development phase to retrain the tongue posture to swallow correctly and to rest on the roof of the mouth for nasal breathing. NASAL BREATHING is the healthy safe way we are meant to breathe.  Mouth Breathing is a damaging habit wrought with unhealthy consequences, that can be successfully treated when the child is young.  Don’t wait, because every night without sleep is unhealthy for a child on a timeline of their growth. 
We MUST correct the habits that may become lifelong traits if they continue, unabated into the stage of puberty. By then it is a permanent problem and these children will have nothing more than Band-Aids for life.
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A mother’s intuition with her son’s airway and snoring- which is not cute, or natural.  
How do we now know this?  The understanding of what is happening and the treatment, has evolved and advanced over the past 50 years.  
Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO is a world changing Board Certified Orthodontist with 514 patents that apply to the removable appliances that treat these children mainly while they sleep.  Ortho-Tain™ and HealthyStart™ comprehensively treat children for a permanent solution that is safe, pain-free, non-pharmaceutical and FDA Approved.  The advanced orthodontic and orthopedic appliances simultaneously correct many developmental concerns collectively and without relapse.  This includes straight teeth- as they are guided into place with the appliances instead of moving teeth after they have already anchored in with permanent fiber bundles, to their crooked and crowded position.  Malocclusion is another outward symptom associated with SDB.  (See symptom list below)

What is causing this?  It is individual, there may be a genetic consideration, but it is largely our industrialized lifestyle that takes us off track.  Pacifiers, nipple bottles and soft processed foods change the role of the tongue and lead to a cascading habit disaster.  Oral habits like thumb or digit sucking alter a child’s development.  The problem becomes permanent as puberty locks in these characteristics like an accent or a child with untreated scoliosis.  ‘As the sapling bends, so the tree grows.’  It is a complex story but when parents learn about this, they get it.  It all makes sense and they know what to do for their child- finally.
This is an important story for parents with children destined to sleep with CPAPs, endure potential future surgeries and the 24/7 consequences of fatigue misery.  A horrible quality of sleep produces a diminished quality of life. It is a ‘Life Sentence’ and the clock is ticking toward adolescence.  Don’t Wait. 

Leslie Stevens CEO,  “Show me your child’s habits and I will show you their future.”   “92% of cases do not self-correct and if you wait and miss the opportunity to address this in the growth years, you will be left with costly, ineffective and painful Band-Aids for life.  Understand these symptoms, which are sounding an alarm, should prompt parents to have their child evaluated by a certified provider.  Our first message- DON’T WAIT!”

ORTHO-TAIN™ HealthyStart™ was founded in 1967 by Dr. Bergersen DDS, MSD, ABO, who will lecture and be honored by alumni and colleagues, at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in Chicago on August 4th, 2017.  The Friday night reception is a  tribute to Dr. Bergersen’s contribution in treating over 3.5 million children around the world in 37 countries.  He taught at Northwestern Dental School for 25 years and operated a private orthodontic practice for 37 years in Chicago.  Considered a giant in his profession, Dr. Bergersen truly has changed the world through Ortho-Tain® and HealthyStart’s™  highly engineered appliances.

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You will learn from Dr. Earl O. Bergersen DDS, MSD, ABO, the inventor himself at the Northwestern University School of Law CE Course event and join a reception tribute to the legacy of this World Changer at the Ryan Family Atrium on Friday evening, August 4th.

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The HealthyStart™ lecture event list provides options and is always growing at!

A Parents Overview of Sleep Disordered Breathing and the HealthyStart™️ Treatment.

Dr. Earl O. Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO and CEO Leslie Stevens, are in Chicago and available for interviews. 
There are certified doctors in many cities  and available for interviews. 844-kid-healthy 
This story is well illustrated by resource materials that reveal a restricted airway,
teeth that straighten by the wearing of the appliance over time and
the profile change when the growth and development is improved.
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