Ashwagandha Thought to Be One of the Most Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs

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( — August 7, 2017) Winnetka, IL — In Ayurvedic medicine, practitioners take advantage of medicinal herbs like ashwagandha in fighting a variety of symptoms, diseases, and disorders. Ashwagandha has long been thought to be extremely therapeutic. Today, there are many people who turn to its use due to its medicinal properties.

Ashwagandha is thought to be one of the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs. This natural remedy is also called winter cherry or Indian ginseng. It is an adaptogenic herb that has a high potential in restoring the human body’s balance.

In a number of studies, researchers revealed the therapeutic effects ashwagandha could offer. It is thought to have the ability to reduce anxiety and stress, as well as improve mental functioning.

Some experts suggest that this Ayurvedic, medicinal herb could be useful in the treatment of individuals with low sexual drive, hyperactivity, low mental or physical energy, insomnia, depression, and nervousness. It could even be helpful to individuals who suffer from hair loss. Ashwagandha could cause a decrease in the cortisol levels. It is important to understand that excessive levels of cortisol are associated with hair loss.

In a study involving men who were 50 to 60 years old, the researchers provided 3 grams of ashwagandha. This dose was taken on a daily basis for a year. The researchers found that it aided in the maintenance of high levels of hair melanin. Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for hair color.

It is further worth mentioning that this natural remedy has been thought to reduce the risk of balding, get rid of dandruff, and improve scalp circulation. This means that it could significantly contribute to improved hair growth.

Ashwagandha is also an excellent source of antioxidants, and this means it could help destroy free radicals. According to some experts, free radicals have a high potential in damaging hair follicles. This natural remedy could also help enhance cardiopulmonary health and neuron recruitment. It could even help increase stamina and strength.

There are many people today who resort to the use of natural remedies like ashwagandha to prevent the occurrence of diseases from happening in the first place. This safe alternative does not cause the side effects linked with pharmaceutical drugs.

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Consumers who want to improve their overall well-being and immunity may take into account the use of this natural remedy.


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