New DotCom HQ Turns Heads With #1 Event in Mays Landing

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( — August 28, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ –Last week, people came from near and far to attend DotCom’s midsummer Open House. Business owners, entrepreneurs, clients, friends, and relatives all gathered together at the new DotCom HQ in Mays Landing, NJ. The main goal of this event was to officially celebrate the move and show off the new location, but it was also a perfect opportunity to connect with guests and spend time together. It evolved into a great networking mixer! Even though the event was intended to wrap up at 8 p.m., the chatting and mingling was going strong late into the night.

The DotCom Open House was a great success. This was the first event of its kind to be held in this impressive headquarters on the border of the Mays Landing Golf and Country Club in South Jersey. Clients travelled from as far as Kansas City, Connecticut, and Western Pennsylvania to attend the DotCom Open House. Family members and friends drove from all over the state. Sam and Anna were both honored and surprised by the turnout. There were great conversations, happy laughter, and endless tours given of the new space.

The property, which serves as a private home and professional office, is located in a cul-de-sac at the end of Monet Drive. This quiet alcove is surrounded by acres of manicured fairways and a lake. This serene property is only a stone’s throw from the Hamilton Mall, Atlantic County’s largest indoor mall and most popular retail district.

A luxury homes builder built this breathtaking house in 2008, and he spared no expense on the construction. The pristine exterior and a backyard complete with an in-ground heated pool, water slide, and a four-room pool house. There are several lounge areas and a fire pit, and two sets of cast iron gates to section off the space in the yard.

The entire lower level of the house is used for business. Two flights of stairs connect the foyer to the large DotCom office. A hallway leads to a spacious computer lab and bar/kitchenette area, a conference room, a full bathroom, a waiting room, and a separate office and gym. One full wall holds an enormous fish aquarium, although there is just one sea animal at the office, so far. “Ankit” the royal blue beta fish is considered to be something of a mascot for DotCom Global Media.

DotCom’s owner Sam Natello considers the new location to be a welcome upgrade for his business and for his family. He and his wife have two teenaged children at home, along with two dogs. Previously, they lived in a small house and the company had outgrown the office, especially as the staff size had tripled. There is more room for personal and professional use in the new 3,500 square foot location. 

“This place is such a blessing,” Sam noted, gratefully. “We wanted to put a nice housewarming party together to show our friends where we are now. I’m just thankful for how much we’ve grown and for all of the space in this beautiful house. We are very happy here.”

DotCom Global Media’s tech team hosted the Open House on Thursday evening. Sam and his wife Anna Natello opened their home and served a wonderful spread of hot and cold refreshments, wine, and drinks. There was a peaceful ambiance outdoors and in, with relaxed music playing on surround sound and the waterfall running into the pool. 

It was easy to spot the employees who were wearing blue tee shirts to display the newly redesigned DotCom logo. Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney, Andy MacPherson, and Ed Yesko were present at the Open House, representing the business and getting to know their clients better. These three employees are an integral part of the core team that specializes in website design and digital marketing strategy, including social media, content marketing, and SEO/keyword targeting. The DotCom culture is decidedly warm and approachable, but they know their stuff. This team behaves more like a family than a group of colleagues, and they are collaborative and authentic. 

Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney is the content manager at DotCom Global Media. She heads a staff of local writers including Lauren, Marianne, Aja, and also Alicia, who is currently living with her family in France. There are several others working for DotCom remotely, assisting with website development, blog writing, reviews, and social media.

Andy Macpherson wears a few different hats within the company. He is a professional photographer by trade, and he also conducts photo shoots for clients, social media management, and sharpens up the SEO before websites are launched. Ed Yesko builds out many of the websites that senior designer Sam Natello envisions. Ed is also is a master of graphic design and video editing. 

Part of the extended family, DotCom partners with a local videography team in South Jersey called Brilliants Minds Productions. There are many capabilities and services offered in house, and even more possibilities for clients through DotCom’s partnerships, relationships, and referrals.

Sam and Anna and their staff are working to build up their presence in the Mays Landing area. Thanks to the new space, it makes it easier to connect with businesspeople all over Atlantic County and beyond. Local business organizations such as the Mays Landing Merchants Association and nearby chapters for Business Networking International (BNI) are two of the channels they’ve been tapping into this year. The Mays Landing Country Club is a popular venue for networking mixers and business meetings, bringing local businesspeople practically to the doorstep of DotCom Global Media’s office.

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