3 of The Latest and Greatest Hair Transplant Techniques

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(Newswire.net — September 21, 2017) — If you have been considering a hair transplant, there are three primary options available. In order to choose which is best for you, consider what your goals are and what you want out of the treatment.

Here are the three best options in hair transplant technology:

1. ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration

If you want to take advantage of the latest technology to enhance your hair, the ARTAS hair transplant is a great option.

Robotics experts designed this technology. It allows a physician to precisely dissect follicular units thousands of times per session. It uses intelligent algorithms and intuitive controls to harvest the hair that is the most viable for transplanting.

This system allows for micron-level accuracy and is minimally invasive. The doctor can easily make adjustments as he goes along, allowing for precise transplanting. This means that you can have it done without having to worry about major downtime.

2. NeoGraft

This type of hair restoration uses surgical punch technology to harvest follicular units from the scalp. It is minimally invasive and suction is utilized to remove the hair grafts.

The donor area used is typically at the back of the head, and one to four hairs are removed at a time. The hair grafts are then separated to choose the best ones for the specific areas receiving the transplant.

There is no scalpel used for the procedure and downtime is minimal. This type of hair transplant is ideal for those who wish to wear a short hairstyle

3. Follicular Unit Extraction

This hair transplant method uses grafts from donor areas on the patient’s own head. The actual implantation is similar to successful techniques that have been used in the past.

However, with Follicular Unit Extraction, there are two to three steps to allow for greater precision and a lower risk of scarring at the harvesting site.

With this method, doctors can perform a thousand grafts per day, making it easier to give their patients the exact results they are looking for. Since this technique is minimally invasive, there is very little downtime after having it performed.

Choosing to do something about your hair loss is a personal decision that isn’t taken lightly. If you want natural results and minimally invasive treatments, the newest technologies are your best bets for success. 

Be sure to thoroughly research your options to see which is most suitable for you. Regardless of what you choose, find an experienced facility with the best equipment and doctors to ensure you get the best results.