Preeclampsia Sufferers May Potentially Benefit From Magnesium

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( — October 13, 2017) Orlando, FL — There are nutrients needed by a pregnant body, and one is magnesium. This mineral has long been thought to be extremely useful for human health and survival. Pregnant women may also benefit from having adequate levels of this mineral in their bodies.

Preeclampsia sufferers may potentially benefit from magnesium. This mineral has been widely studied by scientists and clinicians, but it is undeniable that its importance is widely overlooked. There are many studies about the benefits of magnesium, including ones that involve pregnant women.

It has been found that intravenously administered doses of magnesium may be an inexpensive, safe, and effective option for preeclampsia, which is a form of pregnancy-induced hypertension.

In 2002, there was an international Magpie Trial that involved 10,000 women. The participants reported that magnesium was effective in slowing the progression of preeclampsia, which could otherwise turn to eclampsia. It was further found that it ceased preeclampsia from causing its accompanying eclamptic seizures.

The researchers found that there was a reduction of the risk of eclampsia by 58% in individuals dosed with magnesium. They suggest that the reason why magnesium may reduce dangerously high blood pressure is that it may act as a calcium antagonist.

Magnesium has further been suspected to facilitate the release of prostaglandins. These are hormone-like substances that decrease inflammation as well as mediate blood pressure.

Experts often recommend the use of magnesium supplements, but there are also other ways to increase the levels of this mineral inside the body.

The international market offers a wide array of magnesium products, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. According to some experts, it may be best for consumers to ensure that the magnesium formula they select is potent, pure, safe, and effective.

One of the most popular options in the market is the magnesium oil spray offered by Purest Vantage. This high-strength formula is known for its potency due to the fact that it offers 3,575 mg of elemental magnesium per ounce. This is impressive considering that consumers are only provided with 3,182 mg by other brands.

It is safe to use since it is made without the use of dangerous manufacturing processes or harsh chemicals. It is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the United States and in accordance with strict GMP guidelines. On top of all these features, Purest Vantage Magnesium Oil Spray also comes with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

This formula may be highly ideal for individuals trying to ensure that they have adequate levels of magnesium in their body.



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