Pediatricians find children’s sleep disorder treatment

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( — November 2, 2017) — A Global Initiative for both Medical and Dental Physicians is to treat the millions of­ children affected with some degree of Sleep Disordered Breathing.   Improper oral habits present a serious indicator of future permanent health issues in adulthood if untreated.  Research pours in from all over the world in a race for answers, education, training and treatment.   The Biennial Conference, at Amelia Island this weekend, brings Advanced Sleep Specialists, Pediatric Physicians and related practitioners together for the latest studies and best treatment options. 

These medical doctors may return to their countries with a new strategy and training.   HealthyStart™ is the world’s leader in advanced orthodontic and orthopedic removable appliances. Worn mainly at night, children permanently correct damaging habits while they sleep.

HealthyStart™ by Ortho-Tain® works with dentists all over the world, treating over 3.5 million in 37 countries over the last 50 years, with a comprehensive FDA Cleared, Health Canada Certified, and ISO Certified approach.  American made with the equivalence of a Class II Medical Device, the results are permanent and without relapse when treated early and with compliance.   


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9th Biennial Conference on Pediatric Sleep Medicine