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( — November 2, 2017) Hong Kong — We often forget how powerful writing is. We do know that words can cut like a knife, deeper than a sword or even warm the coldest of hearts, but ultimately, they penetrate into our souls. And when in written form, they have a far more enduring power than when spoken.

Not surprisingly, the written word actually holds more power to affect how we think and act. Every major accomplishment our species has made has been powered by writing, because writing gives our brains the code to organize ideas and create systems for advancement. 

Writers have even defined a roadmap to a life we want to live. Romance wouldn’t be romance without E.E. Cummings encouraging lovers to trust their hearts even if the seas catch fire. Hemingway’s inspiring thoughts served as a leadership to many who realised that “there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self”. Oscar Wilde’s satire always brings us back to being ourselves, as ‘everyone else is already taken’.

Writers have had an immense power throughout history. Just think of J.K. Rowling who is now worth an estimated $650 million, according to Forbes, ranking her as as the 197th richest person in the UK. What makes her accomplishment even stunning is the fact that prior to creating a fictional character novel series, the author defined herself as ‘poor as one could be’.

But, not all of us feel at ease when it comes to expressing ourselves in written form. Considering that we are graded mostly based on this medium throughout our academic education, instead of using it as a creative expression, it becomes a source of stress. A burden that even blocks our strongest qualities and disables us from pursuing our potential.

When it comes to your academic journey, you don’t want to risk your hard work not begin fully valued as it is not properly reflected in your grades. Many students often feel their work is misunderstood due to such issues. And according to the Financial Times,  46 per cent of first-year California state university students needed help with their writing skills. This issue is also shared with UK students, and not just undergraduates, but ranging across Masters and PhD students. Whether or not this skill is truly lacking in students or the professors are idealizing a golden age of literacy, the issue remains and is causing a great deal of frustration. But, it can be mended, all you have to do is buy an essay from

WritePro can be your greatest ally whether you are getting acquainted with academic writing and critical thinking or simply can’t manage the demands of University papers, or you are just in need of a last push in finishing your PhD.

With a personal approach, flexible fees, unique pieces and free revisions, WritePro can provide you with the mastery of this craft, It can help you throughout your academic education, introducing you to academic writing for college assignments, helping you cope with vicious University deadlines, easing your way towards your Masters degree and even satisfying the complex needs of PhD students, taking the pressure off, which only adds unnecessarily stress.

Even if already reached the finish of the academic journey, WritePro can assist you in entering the business world with your resume and cover letter. This is your message to the entire world, so you want to make sure it clearly and effectively describes who you really are and the legacy you desire to build. The same goes when applying for admission or scholarships as we all had our share of trouble when making a concise personal statement. The written word is one of the most persuasive tools ever invented and WordPro is here to help you use it wisely.

Available 24/7 with highly qualified writers in any imaginable category, WordPro guarantes that there is no deadline or complexity that they are unable to meet, from simple reviews to highly complicated assignments.

Unlike other sites, there are no set patterns or templates, so you can simply take out a part out of your thesis, and have a helping hand with your introduction or hypothesis, for example. 

As Shakespeare said, “The world is a stage and we all must play a part” and WritePro can help you in writing both your part and your story.


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