Why You Should Detoxify

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(Newswire.net — November 11, 2017) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Most people approach detoxs in a very tokenistic sort of way, like an annual Spring cleaning where they occasionally drink a green smoothie, only after hunkering down a greasy double burger, with bacon of course. This isn’t how a detox works. Detoxifying is all about adopting nutritious eating habits and a continuous process of cleansing the body of lingering impurities.

In the last ten years, physicians have noted a raise in the amount of patients they’ve seen with hormonal imbalances, obesity, mental fog, fatigue, lack of vitality, metabolic syndrome and sleep disturbances. These are all physical manifestations of toxicity. 

“Emerging evidence ties endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure to two of the biggest public health threats facing society ie. diabetes and obesity,” says the Endocrine Society. “Mounting evidence also ties endocrine disrupters to infertility, prostate cancer, undescended testicles, testicular cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and neurological issues.”

Many everyday products contain chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system. Plastics, cosmetics, farm animals inundated with man-made hormones and crops affected by pesticides, when used or ingested, these items transmit hormones which inhibit the endocrine system.

“The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep and mood, among other things,” explains LiveScience.com. “In general, a gland selects and removes materials from the blood, processes them and secretes the finished chemical product for use somewhere in the body [hence] the endocrine system affects almost every organ and cell in the body.”

The body’s natural detoxifier, the liver, is most affected when toxins build-up and doesn’t function optimally when stressed. When overwhelmed with toxins, the liver isn’t able to produce the antioxidants responsible for warding off cancer nor can it detoxify hormone disruptors which dissolve in fat.

 “A diet that supports detoxification consists of plenty of organic, fresh vegetables and fruits and a moderate amount of water,” advises Rose Kumar, Medical Director of The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine.

To acquire all the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function at its best one would have to eat 2lbs of fruits and vegetables each day. But it’s not always possible to access this volume daily and some people aren’t so big on healthy eating. In such cases, bodily functions are greatly enhanced by dietary supplements such as the HealthyWiser’s AlkaBoost™ Alkaline Dietary Supplement which are packed with vegetable multi-vitamins and nutrients from organic fruits

The AlkaBoost™ Dietary Supplement advance formula has been tested and proven to help detoxify the body, reduce mental fatigue, improve vitality and support the immune system to ensure the body performs at its’ best.

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