Antioxidants May Potentially Save Lives by Fighting Depression

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( — November 16, 2017) Orlando, FL — Depression is believed to be one of the major causes of suicide. There are actually many ways to fight depression, but not all of them may work for everyone. One of the things that should be taken into account in fighting depression is to simply address the potential root cause of the problem.

Antioxidants may potentially help to save lives by fighting depression. There are people who turn to various therapies to fight this condition. However, it is also undeniable that there are those who just couldn’t get treated through therapies, and this is probably due to the fact that the condition may need to be addressed internally.

There are also depressed individuals who turn to the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Many of the medications utilized for depression and other psychological conditions may cause side effects.

There are cases where these side effects are even more dangerous and life-threatening than depression itself. According to experts, there is a chance that depression may be properly addressed by simply targeting the possible root cause of the condition.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that the rates of all top 10 killers have dropped or stabilized, except for suicide. It has been suggested that free radicals are involved in the development of a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders, such as depression.

In a study involving almost 300,000 Canadians, consumption of fruits and vegetables have been linked with lower rates of psychological distress, lower odds of depression, anxiety disorders, self-reported mood and poorly-perceived mental health.

The researchers concluded that the high levels of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables may have helped reduce the harmful effects of oxidative stress against mental health.

In a testing that involved 2000 individuals from the United States, it was found that there was a link between higher total blood carotenoid level and reduced risk of elevated depressive symptoms.

The relationship further appeared to be dependent on the dose. This means the higher the dose, the better people felt.

Eating fruits and vegetables is just one of the ways to take high levels of antioxidants. Consumers may also take advantage of the resveratrol supplements offered by Divine Bounty.

Divine Bounty’s resveratrol supplements contain a variety of complex ingredients. They are equipped with extracts of green tea, acai, red wine and grape seed. There are many consumers who turn to the use of this resveratrol supplement to nourish their bodies with sufficient amounts of antioxidants.


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