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(Newswire.net — November 18, 2017) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Everyone needs their beauty rest but sleep also facilitates a healthy brain function. Whether you’re a snorer or you live with one, issues surrounding sleep deprivation are bound to cause issues sooner or later. Avoiding this sore point doesn’t do much good but addressing the matter with a discreet and effective aid such as nasal strips is the best step forward.

“A snoring problem often creates not only tiredness but also frustration and resentment between couples [as] it can interfere with sexual and emotional intimacy, and can push couples to sleep in separate bedrooms,” says Psychology Today. “Lack of sleep can make us irritable and short-tempered. Furthermore, poor quality and insufficient sleep interfere with our thinking skills and judgment.”

Breathing is a vital task most people take for granted until they’re faced with a predicament resulting from every single imperfect breath breathed, which is what snoring is: imperfect breathing.

“According to the American Academy of Head and Neck Surgery, what you hear when someone snores is the result of a form of blockage that obstructs the flow of air through the mouth or nose,” reports the Huffington Post. “That blockage, however slight, can cause the tissues of the airway to vibrate and flap against one another thus the rattling, snoring sound.”

While snoring can be an indicator of serious grievances other than disrupting sleep, it’s more often that not a simple matter that nasal strips can alleviate. The HealthyWiser™ Breathe-IN™ strip opens the nasal passage, allowing for better air flow and reduced congestion. Even better yet is the fact that it’s a drug free and non-invasive application.


“Research consistently shows that adequate, quality sleep directly positively affects mental, physical and emotional well-being,” says National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Chairman Max Hirshkowitz.  “NSF’s Sleep Better. Feel Better campaign shines a light on the importance of sleep health toward improved productivity, mood and overall health.”

Sleep quality is so important that the NFS has an annual Sleep Awareness Week which was held April 23-29 this year to educate the public healthy sleep practices and solutions to noisy environmental factors. Nasal strips are by far the most popular snore inhibiting and sleep facilitating aids utilized for one simple reason, they work.

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