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( — November 20, 2017) — At an early age, activist Caleb Laieski was spurred into action on behalf of student rights and protections. Today, the noted human rights advocate has become recognized for his achievements in anti-bullying and anti-discrimination causes on the local, state, and Federal levels. When he was a high school student in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, the young man was bullied and threatened by classmates for his sexual orientation. This served as a clarion call to stand up for his own rights and the rights of other students living in fear. At 16, Caleb began his anti-bullying efforts, first in the state of Arizona and later on the national stage when he took his concerns to the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. “All I wanted for myself and for others facing harassment was to feel safe,” says Caleb. “I believed that if I could represent young people who were living in fear, I could make a difference in people’s lives.” Some of his advocacy work led him to be recognized by the Center for Civil and Human Rights gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about this recognition, visit

After traveling to Washington, D.C. and meeting with Congressional leaders and staffers, Caleb received an invitation to the White House. He was invited to be personally thanked by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden for his efforts at spreading awareness of bullying and discrimination issues in the nation’s schools. When he returned from his whirlwind trip to the nation’s Capital, newly elected Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton appointed Caleb to his city team. Caleb took on the role of Youth and Diversity Liaison for the City of Phoenix, Arizona, a position that took him by surprise. “Even though I was only 17 at the time, I felt that my efforts were already making a difference,” says Caleb. “Working with the City of Phoenix leaders and the Mayor allowed me to make positive changes to the community in which we lived and worked.”

Since that time, Caleb Laieski has been involved in a wide range of advocacy efforts, not only for human rights and anti-discrimination initiatives, but also for environmental concerns. His experiences in working with diverse groups led him to build a groundswell of support for stopping further oil drilling and resource exploitation in the environmentally-sensitive Arctic region. See more information about his environmental work by visiting When he is not lending his support to human rights issues, he can be found completing his studies at college, where he is focusing on a degree in Law Enforcement. After graduation, he hopes to work closely with his community as a police officer or detective, which will allow him to further make positive differences in people’s lives. 

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About Caleb Laieski

Activist Caleb Laieski has earned national recognition for championing LGBT causes and for working tirelessly to develop support for anti-bullying and non-discrimination protections for students throughout the country. Caleb has had the opportunity to meet with the President of the United States and with hundreds of legislators on both state and Federal levels to build awareness for the Federal Student Non-Discrimination Act. By sharing his own personal experiences, he has helped empower people across the country to tell their stories in support of individual rights.