Weight Loss May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease by 10 Percent

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(Newswire.net — November 28, 2017) Orlando, FL — Heart disease is a life-threatening condition, and it affects many people worldwide. There are preventive steps people can take to reduce their risk of this ailment.

Weight loss may reduce the risk of heart disease by 10 percent. This condition pertains to several problems affecting the heart. It typically happens when the blood-carrying vessel to the heart becomes hard and narrow.

When this happens, it keeps the heart from obtaining all the blood it needs. It could also affect how well the heart pumps. Individuals with heart disease may even suffer from heart failure, heart attack, angina, and sudden cardiac death.

In the United States, heart disease is the major cause of mortality. Some experts recommend that those who are obese or overweight actually suffer from certain health issues that increase the risk of heart disease.

These may include health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. Excess weight may also cause certain changes in the heart, which make it work harder to send blood to all the cells in the body.

It has been found that losing 5 to 10 percent of body weight may reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Individuals who weigh 200 pounds are advised to lose as little as 10 pounds. It is further worth remembering that weight loss may enhance cholesterol levels, blood flow, and blood pressure.

It is important to understand that there are actually many other health benefits linked with weight loss. It helps ward off a variety of diseases and may even improve the overall quality of life.

While practicing a healthy lifestyle and diet is highly recommended, it is also worth considering the use of a pre-workout and weight loss amino acid called L-carnitine. This amino acid has been found to transport fat into the mitochondria.

When fat is already in the mitochondria, it is burned and converted into energy. It not only makes the best use of fat, but also increases energy levels. When the body is energetic, it is more likely to engage in various physical activities.

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