FIFA’s Stance on Nasal Strips

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( — December 15, 2017) Cheyenne, Wyoming — It was interesting to see the teams that recently made it pass the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia qualifing round. Calling the results an upset would be an understatement and the performance of some of the more favored teams were well below par. Bad coaching perhaps or general inexperience of the players, maybe it’s the lack of stamina due to poor breathing? 

“Using nose strips, most of us would be able to breathe longer and with less difficulty through the nose. But this is only relevant in the case of submaximal effort, i.e. below the anaerobic threshold,” states the official FIFA website. “After this level is passed, the volume of air needed increases so much that we automatically have to breathe in through the mouth. However, they should make it possible to delay the point at which it is necessary to begin breathing through the mouth, and easier to switch back to nose breathing after a maximum effort has been made.” 

While there is a certain point of physical execration when breathing through the mouth that is unavoidable, that point can be postponed for optimal performance efficiency to be extended. There is no telling just how much those traditionally highly rated teams would have benefited with the use of nasal strips during training and the big games, but from the looks of things, it surely couldn’t have hurt. 

“The strip gently lifts the outside of the nose to open the nasal valve, which is the narrowest part of the nasal passageway, thereby improving airflow,” explains the Pharmacy Times. “Nasal strips can be used for up to 12 hours at a time, day or night, for immediate long-lasting relief.” 

Expanding the nostrils is the quickest way to permit more oxygen inflow to the lungs. The HealthyWiser™ Breathe-IN nasal strips guarantees the comfortable expansion your nose needs to instantly breath better than usual.

“A testing programme was conducted with ten people using standard tests on a cycle-ergometer, determining maximum performance, maximum ventilation, breathing patterns and lactate levels, when breathing through the nose, with and without a nasal strip,” discloses Beat Villager, renowned Swiss medical sport expert. “The experimental results came as a surprise to all concerned: for nine of the ten test subjects, breath entering through the nose increased by between 5% and 71% – with the average improvement being 20%, but individual differences were very marked.” 

One of the best things about nasal strips, such as Breathe-IN™ by HealthyWise™, is how effective they are without being invasive. It delivers phenomenal breathing results when faced with sinus, allergy or snoring issues, yet this drug-free application is the simplest decongestive device available.

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