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( — December 1, 2017) Huntington Beach, CA — Kevin Chang Sheng Long is a leader in the real estate industry. Now, Mr. Long is sharing his expertise on investing in real estate in the current market. According to this southen California real estate expert, “Real estate investments can be profitable and relatively safe if you know what you are looking for in your property choices. Real estate often requires more time and money than other forms of investment, but it also promises steadier returns.”

According to Kevin, there are several approaches to real estate investments. The simplest is a land purchase. Buyers can purchase a lot or acreage, pay the taxes and wait for the price to go up. While this may take some time, ultimately it is one of the safest and easiest ways to invest in real estate. For those who have the opportunity to buy land at a low price, this may be a good way to begin a real estate investment portfolio.
Another possibility is to buy residential or commercial properties and rent them out. This requires not only the capital outlay of the rental property but also the time and money required to keep the property in good condition and to collect rent, pursue delinquencies and even go to court against tenants who damage the property or leave without paying their rent. Finally, a group of investors may want to go together to develop commercial property.

Long can help investors find property in the Palmdale, California, real estate market due to his detailed knowledge of the market. “Nowadays, it takes more work than just minor renovations to improve a property for a profit. Real estate is an investment with limited liquidity relative to other investments such as stocks and bonds, and it also requires a much larger capital outlay, although capital can be raised by loans,” says Darby. “Real estate investment requires a lot of available cash on hand during the development process. It is important for any real estate investor or developer to understand the intense financial requirements for the process. Many Palmdale real estate development projects have failed due to the investors oversimplifying the project and improper budgeting.”

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