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( — December 17, 2017) Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES — 

Pegimane the Hottest Site for Travellers

Pegimane is the hottest new travel site for people who want to get the most out of their adventures and share their memories with family and friends they meet along the way.

More personalized than other social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or MySpace, Pegimane is where real friends connect and share their adventures with the world.

Offering everything a traveller might need to stay connect anytime anywhere, Pegimane offers users the ability to share images, live chat, share travel expenses with other users, book flights and travel reservations and share travel tips and advice with others.

Now, Pegimane is offering users an even greater experience by partnering with

Pegimane Partnering with

Pegimane has announced they are now partnering with to offer users an even greater travel experience throughout South East Asia. With this move, Pegimane will be SE Asia’s answer to Mafengwo, offering a more comprehensive travel package for its users.

With users can finance their travel adventures over time. Investors are confident the features that offers will result in Pegimane being the leading social media site dedicated to meeting a traveller’s every need.

Five Top Features of offers five top features that rival any competitor, including the likes of Mafengwo, to help make your travel dreams come true.

One of the top five features is the Travel Advances feature where, should you lose your wallet or credit card, Travel Advances will wire up to $1,000 to a bank of your choice. A feature that is very handy should you find yourself without immediate access to cash or credit.

Another feature is Travel Financing. Pegimane understand that vacations can be expensive, and travellers don’t always have the cash to finance their travels when they want to travel. With Travel Financing, users can finance their vacations, taking advantage of the competitive finance rates that has to offer.

A 24-hour, seven day a week dedicated Travel Help Line allows users to re-book flights, make hotel reservations and secure travel plans for a smooth, stress-free ongoing vacation. The Travel Help Line is like having your own personal travel assistant to help you while you’re far away from home.

Whether you need to cancel flights or reservations, you lose your luggage or have a medical emergency, offer Travel Insurance. Competitive rates and comprehensive travel insurance options make for peace of mind when travelling near or far.

Another top feature offered by is their Travel Reservations. Plan an itinerary, make flight bookings and accommodation reservations with ease through the Travel Reservations feature. Exceptional service and fantastic competitive rates make this feature a must-have for all adventurers.

Pegimane & TravelAdvances Taking on Mafengwo in SE Asia

Combining the user-friendly and personal features of Pegimane’s social networking with the great features offered by, investors and users alike are confident that Pegimane and will successfully take on other sites like Mafengwo.

Coming late 2018, the powerful combination of Pegimane and will be the number one site for travellers throughout the SE Asian region.

For those interested in investment opportunities, please direct all enquiries to

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