Physical Trauma May Potentially Increase the Risk of Arthritis

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( — December 27, 2017) Orlando, FL — There are several contributing factors for arthritis, such as genetic predisposition or age. However, this painful and debilitating condition could also develop due to injury. 

Physical trauma may potentially increase the risk of arthritis. Physicians often resort to measures to determine if the arthritic condition is due to wear and tear that occurs with aging or a result of physical trauma.

According to Louis Kwong, MD, Chairman and Program Director of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, CA, typical osteoarthritis is almost always observed in individuals who are in their 60’s or older.

When a younger person suffers from it, physicians are more likely to suspect that it is caused by trauma. Dr. Kwong further states that arthritis in an isolated joint more likely points to post-traumatic arthritis. One the other hand, symptoms in multiple joints indicate inflammatory types of arthritis.

Post-traumatic arthritis is common in younger athletes with tears in their knee cartilage who end up having the condition some decades later. Even when the damage is treated immediately after its occurrence, the treatment doesn’t make it as though the injury never took place. Joint damage may increase arthritis risk sevenfold.

Almost all sports may injure or cause a fracture in the tendon or ligament. It could happen when quickly changing a direction on the soccer field or landing the wrong way while playing basketball.

Dr. Kwong also states that injuries from car accidents may also trigger the development of post-traumatic arthritis later in like. For instance, it may develop when the wrist is sprained, the ankles are crushed, or a hand is broken.

Individuals may slow down arthritis progression by simply maintaining a healthy weight. They are also advised to be conscious of the amount of stress they put on their joints on a daily basis.

In a study in 2010 involving almost 2,500 participants in Iceland, it was found that men who engaged in strenuous occupations such as fishing and farming were more prone to total knee replacement or total hip replacement surgery due to osteoarthritis. The results were compared to professionals and managers in non-strenuous occupations.

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