7 Things You Should Know Before Buying the Nissan GTR

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(Newswire.net — December 21, 2017) — If you are in the market for a super-fast luxury car, you might be considering the high-priced big names. But before you take the plunge and invest $200,000 or more, it is worth checking out the GTR. The newly designed 2018 GTR is an incredibly fast car that can out-ride any other ride in its class besides the Porsche – and that’s just by a hair. The new aerodynamic look not only enhances the GTR’s performance, but will definitely have everyone turning their heads as you speed by them.

There are seven things to know about the 2018 release of the GTR that hadn’t been in place on earlier models from Applewood Nissan. They make the difference between fast and fast-fast, which is why you should investigate the GTR before looking elsewhere.

1 Designed cooling rear fascia

Due to the newly redesigned engine, the cooling fascia was added to the GTR. It extends the sides so that the car accelerates to manage the air as it is speeding down the road. The cooling fascia also helps to pull away the engine’s hot air to enhance its performance and keep the exhaust cool so that nothing overheats, no matter how hard you ride it.

2 The side skirts and C-Pillar make it awesomely aerodynamic

One of the problems with past versions of the GTR is that it went so fast that airflow got stuck underneath the car and slowed it down. The C-Pillar is newly redesigned to help reduce the amount of turbulence and to pull the airflow to the back of the car. That increases the speeds that the car can reach, and how fast it can go from 0 to 60 and well beyond.

3 An intimidating front-end enhancement

GTR designers have added a large grille at the front of the car to allow additional cooling for the engine and other key parts of this supercharged car to help it go even faster. The fascia added to the front means that the airflow is better distributed and it helps to reduce the amount of air used to slow the car down, which could make it drag in older models.

4 It is always inspected with passion

Unlike other cars that make their way through the assembly line, the Nissan GTR is meticulously inspected by those who construct them. Not just one of many cars, each vehicle is looked at in great detail and with a sense of craftsmanship that sets the GTR apart from the rest. From checking to make sure that the customization is done perfectly to ensuring that the lighting is optimal, the engineers don’t miss a thing. That means you won’t ever get a car that you suspect was made on a Monday.

5 Each car is made with precision and expertise

There isn’t a single test that the GTR for sale in Surrey isn’t required to pass before it is ready to be delivered. From laser measurements to comprehensive inspections to vibration testing, it isn’t just about the time spent designing and making the GTR, but it’s also about the time that goes into making sure that it was done correctly every time. The goal of GTR specialists is to ensure that every car that makes it to market is made to perfection.

6 It isn’t just about the exterior

The inside of the GTR is unequalled by any of the high-end luxury brands in the same class. One of the main goals in the redesign was creating air vents that were perfected to ensure that everyone in the car is always comfortable. The leather hide is completely out of the ordinary, as is the dashboard, which is hand-selected by the designer to ensure that it is flawless. The attention to detail that goes into ensuring that each customer has the “wow” experience they desire is unmatched.

7 It is totally connected

The GTR has a command display that allows you to control the car with a multi-touch screen so that your eyes never need to leave the road. To prevent you from distracted driving, the car has been designed to keep everything at your fingertips and easy to read.

The newly designed GTR is one of the most luxurious sports cars out there, but it costs just a fraction of the price of others in the same class. Before you go with another car maker, give the Nissan GTR a look. You can be sure if you are driving it down the road, everyone will be looking at you – even if it is a Nissan.