5 Best Tree House Resorts in India

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(Newswire.net — December 26, 2017) — India is one of the most vibrant and effervescent tourist destinations in the world. People around the globe consider India to be a popular holiday spot. But for those who have been in this country for all their lives, the thirst to find an unusual experience never slakes. So if you are travelling within India and want to experience something unique, we have some suggestions that will make it worth your while. How about staying in a tree house? Seems interesting right? Here is a rundown of the recommendations.

Some safety tips which you can follow – Always carry mosquito repellents with you; keep a light torch handy; and, do buy a domestic travel insurance policy to secure yourself and your family against medical emergencies and uncertainties during your trip within the country. Once you have a travel cover, you can set your worries aside and head to these 5 breathtaking places which offer unique tree house experiences.

  1. The Himalayan Village, Himachal Pradesh


The Himalayan Village lies within the incredible ambiance of Kasol, also known as the mini Israel of Himachal. It is a beautiful resort nestled amidst the scenic contours of Parvati Valley. The perfectly located resort lets you breathe anew in the nurturing vibrancy nature. Constructed with dry stacking stones and wood, it reflects the ancient Kathkunia styled architecture. Brimming with handmade Tussar silk curtains and furnished with teak wood, the decor complements the eco-friendly theme set by the resort. The place feels like interplay of luxury with traditional designs and aesthetics. ‘The Himalayan Village’ stands as an epitome of traditional Himalayan culture and customs. You can turn yourself over to aromatherapy and relaxation spas or dive headfirst into adventure with activities like rock climbing, river crossing, jungle safari, and rappelling.

The resort has 8 cottages and two rooms in Machan style, making it a perfect blend of ambiance, tradition and luxury. This unique place offers awe-inspiring architecture, lush environment, delectable food and plenty of fun, all under a single roof. This experience in the scenic landscape in the land of Gods will steal you away from the hustle bustle of the city.

  1. Nature Zone Resort, Munnar, Kerala


Located 6000m above the sea level and tucked between the lush mountains in Munnar, Nature Zone Resort is a perfect getaway to relax in the lap of nature, away from the monotony of daily life. During your stay, you can rejuvenate in the serene environment set against beautiful mountains. You can lose yourself in the melody of gushing water and chirping birds and wake up to beautiful, sunny mornings. The place is abounded with wildlife that will fascinate you throughout the trip. Better yet, the resort offers you top class amenities and recreational activities which you can enjoy along with a peaceful stay in this little haven.

  1. The Machan, Maharashtra


If you want to enjoy a lush and peaceful environment, then this place is the perfect choice. The cozy tree houses radiate a sense of calm that attracts tourists and soothes their nerves. The ambiance induces a spell of serenity that enhances the natural setting. You get to choose your tree house from various themes, namely, Jungle, Heritage, Forest or Canopy and experience the bliss of your choice. There are interesting activities which you can try, like trekking, bird watching and even star gazing.

  1. The Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh


This is a popular destination with tourists who want to spend some time in the midst of dense forests, unforeseen wildlife, and gurgling streams. Adjoining the Bandhavgarh National Park, the resort spreads across 21 acres and has an aesthetic environment adorned with beauty of nature. Take a couple of weeks off and visit this hideaway to find nirvana.

  1. The Vythiri Resort, Wayanad, Kerala


This place is located in the remote landscape of Wayanad, Kerala. This resort stretches 150-acre within the green tropical forests of Kerala and set against the backdrop of a stream meandering through the jungle. There are 5 tree houses to choose from, and all of them are made up of bamboo walls and thatched roofs, created by the local craftsmen. Laden with exclusive amenities and compelling scenery, this trip will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life.

To Sum up

There are numerous places to check out in India. However, to have unique as well as thrilling experience away from the hectic rut of life, these tree houses seem to fit the bill. Regardless of where you go within the country, buying travel insurance is a wise decision that will cover you against any dire possibility. With an active domestic travel insurance policy, you and your family can enjoy your vacation without any worry.