Your Nose Knows When It Needs Help

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( — December 28, 2017) Cheyenne, Wyoming — “Follow your nose” is a pretty popular advice given when on the hunt for a solution or directions as it means to rely on instincts. Similarly, one’s nose can be a guide as to how well the body is breathing and if it needs help. From snoring, asthma and sleep apnea, the nose can provide vital clues to the root cause of whatever symptoms there may be exposed.

Nostrils are much more important than most give credit for. These unassuming tunnels are the gateways to the lungs and the medium for life sustaining oxygen to be delivered throughout the body.

“Rhinologists list up to thirty distinct functions that the nose performs. It filters, moisturizes, directs the airflow, warms the air, registers smell, brings in oxygen, creates mucus, provides a route of drainage for the sinuses and affects the nervous system,” explains Steve Agyei, personal trainer and yoga instructor. “Humans are unique in terms of having an external nose although animals do have internal passageways. Even apes do not have proper noses; they have two nostrils but do not have the prominent external structure we have. In humans, the shape of the external nose has a major role to play in the preparation of air for inhalation.”

The nose is a rather sophisticated structure that provides the oxygen taken in with navigation throughout its cavity. By directing and circulating the air as it travels along its inner chambers heat and moisture is retained in the air according to the needs of the body.

“Air that passes through your nose on the way to your lungs is filtered by the nose and will massively reduce the amount of dust, pollens, bacteria, virus, or anything else that is floating in the air.”

Breathing through the nose actually requires more energy than mouth breathing however it’s worth the extra work since the nose not only delivers air but it also filters it, blocking hazardous particulars in the air from entering deeper into the body by trapping the undesirables in its mucous lining.

Sometimes however, the external framework of the nose is compromised whether due to an injury or collapsed nostril. The nasal valves determine how well one breathes and if not functioning up to scratch, it can lead to snoring or more serious respiratory issues hence the need for external help from items such as the HealthyWiser™ Breathe-IN™ nasal strip.  

Applying a nasal strip across the nose bridge, just at the point where there is noticeable sinking, is a simple and effective way of restoring the proper shape of one’s nostrils in order for proper breathing to resume.

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