From Standard to Automatic Hooks

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( — January 20, 2018) — Living in a time where technological advancements are going at such a high pace that everything is being upgraded to the next level so that it can be more productive and more efficient. In every field there are advancements, and it is happening very fast. From the field of security to the field of medical sciences to construction, everything and every object used in a particular field are being upgraded and improved to yield maximum output and to increase efficiency while making our work easier and reducing workforce and labor if you look at construction.

Labor Force Regarding Manpower

The labor force is something that is a vital factor in construction but with the help of modern day machines construction has been made easy, which result in the reduction of the labor force regarding Manpower. Cranes do the heavy lifting now, and large pipes and steel pipes and other construction material that can be gripped are being lifted with the help of a crane. A crane to lift needs a hook just like many other machines used in the process of the construction of needs a hooked attached to it. Crane was an example.

Important In Construction

Hooks are important in construction since they help in the lifting of the object. They act as connectors. There are hooks are made out of steel or iron and are just used as connectors and to help in the lifting of objects, but as mentioned at the start of this article, everything is being upgraded to the next level and is being made better so that working can be made easy. Same is the case with hooks. They are being upgraded and are not the simple hooks.

These new and upgraded hooks that are currently less in use but their market is growing are made in a design that they have swivels with bearings. The application of this is to have the hook freely rotate whenever it needs to rotate, unlike the standard hook.

These newly upgraded hooks are most often referred to as automatic hooks. They also have a scale within them which allows the operator to know about the weight he is about to lift with the hook and most of these automatic hooks have been installed with systems that lets the operator know when the hook is being overloaded and we all know it always ends bad when you overload things.

Standard Hook

A person with a standard hook will according to his experience attach the load with it unaware of how much load the hook is capable of lifting. If overloaded for example and the hook breaks in the middle of it being lifted, then the load will come crashing down if it is at a height which may result in either personal damage or damage to the property.

Everyone can check these new autohooks at These autohooks are  also come with torque control. This torque control helps in the release of loads from the hook, and it can be extremely practical when dealing with heavy loads.

In conclusion,the standard hooks have served their purpose for long enough but in contemporary times just like everything including objects are being upgraded for the better, so are hooks and they have many pros over their predecessor.