5 Reasons to Buy Linear Actuator for Your Device

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(Newswire.net — January 26, 2018) — When it comes to converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, linear actuators are your best bet. They are designed for both commercial and industrial applications.

While there are many ways to produce motion in a straight line, linear actuators are ideal since they are a cost effective option. 

Other than that, they save time, are safe to use and are hassle free.

Here are 5 reasons to buy linear actuators for your device:

1. They Are Affordable

While there are many options that can do the same work as a linear actuator (such as labor), it may cost a lot. In contrast, getting a linear actuator to produce motion is a cost effective option. It also gives you peace of mind since they are reliable unlike other options. 

Sometimes, more output is required from a machine. Here’s where adding more actuators to the machine can work like a charm and save you a lot of money compared to hiring manual labor or going for other linear actuator substitutes.

2. They Are Safe To Use

Converting energy and producing motion from it is a complex process that may pose safety risks if you are not careful enough. However, that’s not the case with linear actuators since they are extremely safe to use and industry checked.

Linear actuators pose minimal to no risk to machines, operators or any of the products around them. 

Although they hardly require maintenance, it is still better to check for oil leaks once the actuator has been used for years. 

3. They Are Fast and Easy To Install

Linear actuators are known for producing motion at a fast rate. In contrast to other motion producing options such as hydraulic and pneumatic, linear actuators outperforms them with a good margin.

They are also very easy to install since they have a smaller footprint compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. 

All you need to do is connect the cables and the required wires to complete installation. 

Since they aren’t very big in size, it’s a hassle-free process to install them. However, if you are not very savvy when it comes to such things, make sure to check our DIY videos on the internet or refer to manuals that come with the product. 

Some manufacturers and sellers are also very supporting. For example, the staff at powerjackmotion.com is always available to answer your questions regarding installation of their linear actuators.

4. They Are Quiet

Linear actuators are known for their quiet operation. You do not want a machine that makes constant noise. It does not only cause disturbance but can also cause delays. This is why linear actuators are perfect. They work silently and help improve results. 

However, remember that the noise factor largely depends on the quality of the actuator. Making sure to choose an actuator that is manufactured by a reliable company is essential here.

Sometimes, poor quality actuators begin to make clicking sound while they are operating. This can be frustrating as well as distracting. Hence, make sure that you choose the right kind of actuator and the right kind of company making and selling it.

Moreover, proper maintenance is also required to make sure they cause no disturbance.

5. They Have Better Accuracy than Other options

Linear actuators are known to have great accuracy since they provide better positioning. Other than that, their reaction time is instant which makes it more accurate.

The Verdict

These are the 5 reasons that point out why you should go for linear actuators. Make this wise decision today and watch output improve.