American Power and Gas: The New Energy Revolution is Here

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( — February 1, 2018) — Companies like American Power and Gas are bringing a revolution in the energy sector by introducing customers to renewable energy.

For the uninitiated, renewable energy is basically energy that is made from renewable sources including sunlight, waves, rain, geothermal heat and wind. 

The world needs energy to work. We need it to power our electrical appliances; even our vehicles will not move without energy.

So far we have been using traditional means of energy, such as diesel and natural gas, however now with the concept of renewable energy, things are going to change.

Jim Bridgeforth, President at American Power & Gas, says, “Renewable energy is not a very new concept. It has been there for years, but it is only now that more and more people are waking up to the idea.”

While Bridgeforth does not go at length talking about their company’s role in bringing this revolution, the truth is that energy companies like American Power & Gas have played a very major role in this change.

When renewable energy was first thought of, it was not easily available to the end consumer. While there are numerous of DIY ideas on the internet that teach consumers ways to create energy using renewable resources, none of them were reliable or good enough to power something such as a house or business.

This created the need for a company that could use these resources to create energy that could be transported to the end consumer, and Bridgeforth’s

American Power and Gas does just that.

The company was not an overnight success. Bridgeforth remembers how they had a difficult time in the beginning.

In his own words, “This was not an easy process. You see all the success we have achieved thus far, but it took years of hard work and dedication to reach where we are today.”

Bridgeforth’s claim makes a lot of sense since we as consumers typically dislike change. If you tell someone they need to move from one thing to another tomorrow, they will show resistance, even if you go and highlight the benefits.

Bridgeforth shares the same views. He says, “In the beginning, we hardly got any calls from buyers. We had to educate them on the importance of renewable energy and the need to turn to renewable energy sources, and we eventually began to see consumers. One consumer brought a 100 more, and today we have serviced nearly 800,000 satisfied consumers, and the list seems to be only growing.”

Bridgeforth seems to be very happy with what they have achieved so far.

“We have a turnover of over half a billion dollar today, and we are considered among the most successful energy companies in the US,” he says proudly adding, “The credit for this goes to our great team that continues to work hard and make it possible for us to deliver affordable energy to all our consumers.”

While American Power & Gas is doing great, it is not the only company offering renewable energy to consumers. However, it will not be entirely wrong to state that this company is a pioneer in the field and others seem to be just following suit.

We need to remember that no one person can bring about a revolution on their own. The business needed help from others to be able to bring about a massive change, which seems to be just round the corner.

According to the numbers reported in 2015, the cost of generating solar energy has already decreased to as low as 16% of the cost incurred in 2005. 

This means that if one 1 KW of energy was generated for $1, it cost only $0.16 to generate the same amount of energy in 2015, and the cost has only decreased since then.

On the other hand, the prices of traditional natural resources, such as oil and natural have only gone up, which makes thermal energy more expensive. The truth is that it is only getting expensive with the passage of time as the simple ‘demand and supply’ formula applies here.

Climate change and energy consumption are some of the hottest topics being discussed all around the world. The arctic ice is melting, the temperatures are increasing and so is pollution.

There is a dire need to control pollution, and the use of renewable energy allows just that.

On this, Bridgeforth says, “We are offering solutions to all kind of consumers. We also understand the need to conserve energy. Eventually, we will all move to renewable energy. Thermal power is expensive and difficult to produce. Consumers want to save money, and renewable energy offers the same benefits just with some extra perks.”

Most industry experts share the same views as Bridgeforth. Renewable energy is the future, and we all should consider moving to it.

It will not only help you save money on energy bills, but it also helps the economy and environment as a whole. Be smart and be a part of this revolution today.