Ford Maverick Grabber Racing Car Is a Collector’s Prized Possession

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( — February 28, 2018) — The Ford Maverick Grabber pro stock racing car is today a collector’s prized possession. Back in the day, it was a super hero, an ‘import fighter’ brought in to demolish all existing competition on drag racing strips, but just as importantly to try to take back the market share from imported cars. Fans of drag racing and vintage merchandise can now get hold of an exclusive men’s T-shirt launched by Quarter Mile Addiction as a tribute to the Ford Maverick Grabber Super Stock & Pro Stock Eliminator.

The 1970 Ford Maverick Grabber tribute T-shirt celebrates one of the milestones in super stock and pro stock drag racing, when a subcompact, ‘import fighter’ raised the bar and beat outside rivals such as those from Chevrolet and Chrysler. The compact Maverick was manufactured by Ford between 1969-1977 in the U.S. as well as Venezuela, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. The car used rear wheel drive platform, and production touched a record equaling 579,000 in the very first year.

Originally, the cars were manufactured with 6 cylinder engines with a few 302 v8 models being sold as well. The Ford Maverick Grabber 427 SOHC was the work of ‘Dyno’ Don Nicholson, who made the car in just seven days for the season’s race in NHRA Winternationals in 1970. The car performed as expected, winning 45 straight races. The Maverick then made history by becoming the first Ford to win NHRA Pro Stock in 1971. To view the new shirt from Quarter Mile Addiction, see the link here

The Ford Maverick Grabber SOHC 427 Super Stock & Pro Stock Eliminator was truly an attention grabber in the form of trim package and showing off bright and vibrant paint. The new T-shirt is a tribute to this iconic car as well as ‘Dyno’ Don Nicholson.

All T-shirts at Quarter Mile Addiction are available in various sizes along with a special coffee mug featuring the same logo. Deliveries take 5-10 business days, with a rush 3-day service available for anyone dying to get their hands on the product. All merchandise is proudly printed in the United States.

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