Gig Harbor WA Tacoma Coupon Magazine Offers Companies Advertising Opportunities

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( — February 27, 2018) — “Your Local Shopper” has announced the launch of its latest magazine for Gig Harbor and Tacoma. These are two separate magazines that are delivered bi-monthly to 25,000 residents using direct mail marketing and advertising to provide local coupons to local shoppers. This helps local residents to save money while directly increasing the ROI for the businesses “Your Local Shopper” serves.

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The site explains that “Your Local Shopper” regularly publishes in the Gig Harbor and North Tacoma or University Place markets. Between these two areas, it reaches around 50,000 homes on a bi-monthly basis.

The advertising opportunities afforded by the magazine can help take local businesses to the next level with direct, effective marketing. The reason for the success of the program is that people love to use money saving coupons, and offering them can lead to huge spikes in visitors and customers for any business.

Research shows that over 40% of consumers have made a purchase in the last three months due to a direct mail piece they received in the post. This showcases how crucial it can be for businesses in any niche to reach out to their intended audience through direct mail marketing approaches.

“Your Local Shopper” allows businesses in any niche to directly target local customers through the mail. It provides small businesses with direct mail advertising solutions in the Gig Harbor, WA and surrounding areas, and magazines are delivered via certified USPS delivery with each mailing.

Advertisements are available in a range of styles, from 1/8 page spreads, 1/4 page horizontal spreads, vertical and horizontal half-page ads, and 1/3 or 2/3 page ads. These offer a wide choice of possibilities when it comes to advertising services and products to the local community.

Full details of the benefits of working with “Your Local Shopper” can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided.