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( — March 2, 2018) Las Vegas, Nevada –As the plaintiff in a personal injury trial, the injury victim is often called upon to testify in the court. Getting ready for one’s day in court requires intense preparation, especially on the part of the personal injury attorney. Kelly Huang, an experienced personal injury lawyer with a practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, knows that injury victims may have reservations about testifying in front of a trial judge and jury. Preparing the plaintiff for testimony is one of the most critical roles of the attorney in the trial process, and one that cannot be overlooked. “Injury victims need to be prepared to tell their story to the court,” says Mr. Huang, who has over 20 years of experience in the field of personal injury law. “The key to success in a trial environment is to make a good impression while illustrating the circumstances behind the injury.” For more information on Mr. Huang’s law practice and achievements, visit

A jury often makes judgements on an injury victim’s testimony by the way he or she acts on the witness stand. It is common for plaintiffs to be nervous about the trial process, leading to stumbling over words or to appear uncomfortable in the courtroom. To counter this possibility, attorneys will start to prepare their clients for the trial weeks before their day in court. Practicing testimony in a mock-trial setting has the effect of getting the victim comfortable in answering difficult questions; repetition of question responses and coaching on the part of the law firm’s staff make a substantial positive difference in the victim’s comfort level. Cross-examination exercises may also be conducted, typically occurring several times in the run-up to the trial date. Cross-examination can be the most challenging part of the trial process, and here Kelly K. Huang knows that victims are often overwhelmed by the difficult questions posed by the defendant’s law team.

The next step is to get the victim familiar with the trial’s deposition, which will include the facts presented by the victim as a result of their injury case. Ensuring consistency between the deposition and the testimony at trial can help sway jurors favorably. The goal of preparation in a personal injury trial is to convince the judge and jury to side with the victim, awarding compensation for his or her injuries. “There is no such thing as too much preparation,” adds Mr. Huang. “The more prepared our clients are, the more favorable the outcome when it is their turn to provide testimony.”

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