Attend! Tulsa Launches a New Community Contributor Program

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( — March 7, 2018) Tulsa, OK — Attend! Tulsa is looking for community contributors to write about local events or attractions via the platform.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 5, 2018 – Attend! Tulsa, one of the most comprehensive Tulsa event directory websites is launching a new community contributor program. This is an opportunity for writers to gain exposure for their writing while getting behind-the-scenes access to local events.

The job of the community contributors is similar to what bloggers and reporters do. Based on their experience, contributors will create articles about themes and events of personal interest. Attend! Tulsa provides a platform for individuals passionate about writing and what’s happening in Tulsa. Contributions will benefit those looking for online information about Tulsa’s cultural/social life.

Ideal candidates for the program include individuals who are college students, young writers, reporters who want to work on their practical skills, community members, and even local businesses. Experience with blogging and photography is beneficial

Through the publication of Attend! Tulsa articles, community contributors will gain exposure for their work.

Beginning a writing or a journalistic career without a portfolio is a challenging task. The competition is stiff, and many promising new writers need published work to be considered. Having a rich and diversified portfolio stands as evidence of practical experience within an area of interest.

Apart from writers, Attend! Tulsa is also open to submissions by photographers. Editors will team up with the contributors and photographers to put together a beautiful presentation that catches the eye and tells a story about the respective event.

Becoming an Attend! Tulsa contributor is simple. Interested parties simply need to fill out a form available on the program’s official webpage ( The only requirement for the candidates is residency in the Greater Tulsa area.

Successful applicants will need to fill out their personal details and point out an area of interest, local events, art, shopping, food and drink, business, travel, concerts, sports events, etc.

The program is open to both individuals who are interested in becoming regular, long-term contributors and to those who may want to write on the occasional event or attraction.

Attend! Tulsa is one of the most comprehensive events listing and local guide directories for Tulsa, Oklahoma. The website features information about upcoming events, ticket buying opportunities, a guide to the best accommodations in the city, news and presentations of different local venues.

As the second-biggest Oklahoma city, Tulsa has a dynamic cultural and art scene. In fact, it’s considered the cultural heart of the state. Some of the world’s biggest performers bring their shows to Tulsa, enchanting both local residents and city visitors.

This is the main reasons why Attend! Tulsa’s creators believe that the community contributors program provides exciting opportunities to young writers and photographers who are active members of the community. Getting a chance to attend a wide array of events is both personally-enriching and a wonderful chance to prove one’s writing skills.

For additional information and to sign up as a contributor, please visit Attend! Tulsa at

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