Art Therapy Is Often Recommended for Cerebral Palsy Sufferers

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( — March 19, 2018) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Art therapy has long been thought to be extremely therapeutic. There are those who suffer from depression, stress or anxiety that turn to this therapeutic activity. However, it appears that this activity may also be useful to individuals who suffer from certain conditions.

Art therapy is often recommended for sufferers of cerebral palsy, which has lasting effects. Sufferers often struggle with their movement, coordination, breathing, reflexes and speech. A condition called Dysarthritia is believed to be common in individuals with cerebral palsy.

This condition disables sufferers from properly articulating normal speech. Cerebral palsy sufferers typically vocalize unintelligible words.

According to the study published in the International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical research, art therapy has helped significantly improve the speech of 14 children. It has also been found that there were improvements in their pauses, volume and tempo control.

The researchers further revealed that there was an increase of the children’s fluency after four months of art therapy. For centuries, it has been believed that art has a distinctive way of helping people, especially those who suffer from certain conditions.

Some researchers suggest that it has a way of helping children relax and enjoy a creative space. This is believed to be vital in the learning process and adaptation of new behaviors. There are various art activities that are ideal for children, such as drawing, doodling, painting and coloring.

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