Research FoundAshwagandha Highly Effective for Arthritis

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( — March 20, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, arthritis sufferers have become wiser and wiser about choosing natural arthritis pain management alternatives. There are actually many remedies available, but only a few are backed with scientific studies and clinical trials.

Research found ashwagandha to be highly effective for arthritis. This Ayurvedic, multipurpose herb has been found to strengthen the body as well as fight arthritis symptoms. This could be extremely helpful to those with the condition considering that it is highly prevalent nowadays.

Today, over 50 million individuals in the United States suffer from arthritis. There are those who turn to pharmaceutical drugs to reduce symptoms. However, it is important to understand that these medications only provide pain-relieving benefits on a temporary basis.

If consumed on a long-term basis, pain relievers could potentially cause some side effects like stomach pain, ulceration, heartburn, allergic reactions, liver problem, kidney problems and high blood pressure.

Medications like NSAIDs may even increase the risk of stroke, gastrointestinal bleeding, and heart attack.

According to Ayurvedic practitioners, ashwagandha is a rejuvenator for a variety of conditions. These include the ones linked with inflammation. Arthritis is associated with the gut due to irregular food habits.

Due to these unhealthy dietary practices, toxins are formed. This affects the joints and soft tissues, which leads to inflammatory and obstructive processes. Ashwagandha has been found to have significant adaptogenic, anti-stress, analgesic, immunomodulatory, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Researchers conducted a study to investigate the anti-arthritis activity of the herb. It has been found that its analgesic action is because of the involvement of serotonin.

In another study involving mice, it was found that ashwagandha was more effective than a pharmaceutical drug for controlling inflammation. It exhibited better results for decreasing inflammation compared to a medication.

The study participants who received ashwagandha root powder exhibited excellent responses. The investigators said the swelling and pain they suffered from completely disappeared.

In a double-blind placebo controlled study, it was also found that the combination of zinc, turmeric, and ashwagandha led to a significant improvement not just in pain but also inflammation.

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