Top Ways to Find Funding for Startups in 2018

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( — April 27, 2018) — Funding is one of the most important requirements of a successful startup. Even if you have the brightest startup idea out there, without proper funding you might not be able to lead your startup anywhere.

Funding can be a challenge of its own for startups especially the ones that are at its infancy and have not made any momentum yet. But as times have evolved it has become easier for entrepreneurs to gain funding for their startup provided that their startup idea appeals to both the customers as well as investors.

If you are looking for ways to get funding for your startup, then today we bring you the top funding ideas for startups in 2018.

How to Seek Funding the Proper Way?

  1. Always have a well-prepared presentation:

    The presentation is the first point that gains the attention of any investor. The presentation need not be too long but should be able to convey the important aspects of your business to the investor.

    The presentation should highlight where your startup stands currently and how the funding from the investor can be utilized to advance the business and the plan of action for your startup should also be highlighted.

  2. Let the potential investor know the benefits of funding your startup:

    Anyone investing in a startup would obviously want some profit out of it. While you pitch investors for funding, do not forget to mention the benefits that they will have in the future out of their investment.

  3. Never ask for more than what is required:

    Whenever you approach an investor, do make sure to only ask for investment that can cover the next phase of the plan of action for your startup. Startup owners who ask for too much funding that what is required immediately sets off the investor and will lose the chance of getting funded.

Top Ways to Find Funding in 2018

  1. Get a Startup Business Loan:

    If none of the ways work, then you can always try to get a startup business loan. Startup business loans are offered by various institutions that are either private or owned by the government.

    Even though government institutions offering startup loans charge a very low interest, private loans are more accessible and easy to avail. However, before you avail any startup loan, be sure to research the risks that are involved.

    You can ask other startup owners who have already availed startup business loans or you can even find more information about startup business loans online by visiting various related websites like thebankly.

  1. Use Crowdfunding Platforms:

    If your startup offers a product or service that appeals to a mass of customers, then you should definitely check out some of the crowdfunding platforms out there.

    Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, and Fundable, give startups the opportunity to directly pitch to potential customers and if the product/service appeals to the customers and if the presentation is done properly, startups can get really huge funding from such platforms.

Seek Funding from Family and Friends:

Sometimes just your own savings may not be able to take your startup to the level you desire. To get funding from investors might also be quite difficult if your business is in its very early stages.

In such a situation, the best funding source is your family and friends. As your family and friends know who you are, getting funding from them will be quite easier than approaching different investors and getting rejected.