Matched Sets of Range and Defensive Pistol Ammo Introduced

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( — May 2, 2018) Cayuga, ND — In a sea of new ammunition companies that have hit the firearms industry the last few years, one stands apart as doing things differently than everyone else. The current environment is an inverse arms race to the bottom creating an excess supply of cheaply-assembled remanufactured components meeting a marketplace of stagnant demand. This makes the ammo scarcity of 2013 seem as if it were almost in the distant past. But Dakota Munitions isn’t focused on lowest price in hopes to grab the most sales.

What difference does this make for the consumer though? Doesn’t cheaper ammo mean more trigger time at the range? Who doesn’t like a long range day? Fun is fun, and the more bang you can get for your buck, who is complaining? For many Americans, those are all solid points, but Dakota Munitions have found there is a more discerning market of shooters who want to improve on their skills, tighten their groups, or prepare dependably for defensive situations. So, they’ve developed a unique concept. High quality (but still affordable) range ammo that matches the feel of defense ammo.

“It started out as a request by state and local law enforcement here in North Dakota,” says Charissa Rubey, Director of Sales and Marketing, “One local department already had their duty rounds, and they wanted practice rounds to match.”

The engineers at Dakota Munitions went to work analyzing what the department had, and developed a range / practice round with a matching bullet weight, and powder charge so officers could get used to the way their guns would function and feel should they have to use them in the line of duty. In fact they did such a good job matching the practice ammo, that word spread and they started getting requests from neighboring counties and city police departments.

“It wasn’t just a matter of matching bullet weight and powder charge. We wanted these rounds to work in as many different kinds of guns as possible since many departments allow their officers to choose their own side arm… it’s also important to get the crimp just right since officers often need eject and then re-chamber the first round multiple times, and if the crimp is not just right, that projectile can, over time, get pushed into the brass” adds Dave Rubey, Director of Product Development.  

It wasn’t long after that, Dakota Munitions started making a matched set of defensive and practice pistol ammo for consumers. Since introducing the matched ammo set concept in late 2017, they can barely keep the sets in stock.

“A lot of companies want to make the cheapest ammo by cutting all sorts of corners. Frankly, we don’t know how to do that. I wouldn’t know where to begin to make cheap ammo. So I guess it is a talent. For us, we stick with what we are good at. We want to make the highest quality, match-grade pistol ammunition and offer it at an affordable price, and it turns out there are a lot of people out there that appreciate it,” Charissa Rubey.

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Dakota Munitions Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing ammunition with adherence to the highest quality for every part and every process. From the projectiles to the powder, we only use the best. From manufacturing to testing. Affordable Ammunition allows shooters the benefit of the highest quality without the high prices. Clean Ammunition keeps firearms clean and minimizes potential issues from buildup. Reliable Ammunition lets shooters shoot with confidence that every shot will perform perfectly, every time, with reduced risk of malfunction. Accurate Ammunition lets the shooter practice accurately so time spent at the range is worthwhile, and not just an exercise in throwing lead down the range.

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