Epson LW-PX900 Label Printer

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( — May 23, 2018) — Irrespective of the kind of work you deal in, having a printer is always a plus to your work.  A home printer can save you a lot of things, including printing birthday cards, essays, coupons and many more. But with the upsurge in the number of printer manufacturers, it is not isolated to get a fake printer. It is for this reason that you need to know how to buy a good home printer.

How to buy a good printer

Before selecting any given printer, a printer buyer needs to understand several things. Below are the things to consider when buying a printer:


Type of printer

The first question that should come to your mind when you think of buying a printer should be “What type of printer?” This is important as various printer types are uniquely designed and this has an impact on the quality of work they do.

You will have to select between an inkjet printer or laser printer. If you are not selective and want a printer that can give you more room to maneuver, then choosing an inkjet is the best option. This is because this printer can print almost everything.

The laser, on the other hand, is only good over a limited range of activities. In most cases, this type of printer is limited to office work where the activities that need to be done are monochrome.


Features of the printer

Here, you need to look at various types of printers that you want to choose from. It is important to note that the more features a printer has, the best it is in terms of functionality. However, you need to remember that you will not need all the features of a printer during your work.


Cost of printer

The next thing you need to consider is the cost of the printer. Remember that there is no sense in bargaining for a printer whose price is way above your budget. It is for this reason that you need to consider the price of the printer against your planned budget.

Best printer to buy in 2018

Are you looking for a printer that can help you multitask in multi-environment? Check out the Epson LabelWorks Printers. The Epson LW-PX900 is designed to properly function in various settings such as offices, factories, warehouses and many others.

The Epson LW-PX900 is a portable printer, enabling you to move with it from place to place performing various tasks without any hindrance. With this printer, you can create labels, heat-shrink tubes, and barcodes at a very low cost. Put simply, this printer will enable you economically perform various tasks at wherever you work.

This printer is durable, and one doesn’t have to worry about damaging when working. It is made from industrial grade, high impact plastic, making it able to sustain impact when operating.

Let us look at some pros and cons


➢       Printing resolution is 360 dpi, thus fast in printing (35mm/sec print speed)

➢       Durable as it is made from quality plastic

➢       Has bot auto-cut and half-cut functions

➢       Easier to print especially with the pick-and-print mode

➢       Easier to carry around the workplace

➢       Efficient as it saves on tape


➢       Can be expensive to some people

➢       Cannot work for very long periods without cooling


Essentially, the Epson LW-PX900 has most of the features you want on your printer. It is one that you will appreciate buying, as it will give back the value of the money spent when buying it.

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