Experts Reveal the Work Techniques Useful for Arthritis Sufferers

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( — June 4, 2018) Orlando, FL — Getting and staying employed is probably one of the most important things in life for many people. However, for individuals with arthritis, it could be difficult to do. The good news is that there are certain solutions individuals with this condition may resort to for maintaining their productivity and functionality at work.

Experts reveal the work techniques useful for arthritis sufferers. Individuals with this condition often do not only suffer from pain and immobility, but also sleep problems and exhaustion. People get tired at the end of a work day, but for those with arthritis exhaustion, this can be chronic.

One of the most helpful techniques in staying employed is to simply divide tasks into manageable chunks. It can also be helpful to have rest or breaks after doing tasks that are demanding. Arthritis sufferers need to pace themselves and avoid feeling pressured about accomplishing their tasks.

Pressure won’t help. Instead, they need to be motivated to perform and accomplish tasks and manage their symptoms at the same time. Those with physically demanding jobs may pace themselves as it can help avoid injuries.

When the job becomes too physically demanding for arthritis, sufferers may request for a change of duties or simply look for another job. They may request the right work accommodations from their employer, too.

Discussing arthritis with the employer could be significantly helpful. This provides employers the opportunity to help their employees and give them the tasks that work better for them. Absence of discussion with the employer leaves a risk of being fearful of losing the job, which is absolutely not helpful. It is worth mentioning that the legislation under the Equality Act 2010 actually protects individuals with arthritis from indirect discrimination.

There are certain work assessments that review the workstation and determine if it is suitable for the needs and physical condition of the employee. Some changes can actually be made such as modifications in work equipment or providing an ergonomically-designed keyboard. There are even solutions like wrist rests that help employees type and function without straining their hand or arm areas.

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