The Best Secret and Trendy Destinations to Visit This Summer

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( — May 29, 2018) — Summer season brings a lot of changes. The weather is warmer, flowers and plants fill the environment with a new life. Little wonder it is the favourite holiday season of many. Nevertheless, the best summer trips can be had in a variety of places. With the myriad of destinations on offer, one can get overwhelmed. But with the eDreams facebook page, you can get all the information you need about trendy places and original travels that are memorable.


Few destinations can match the experience of a holiday in Majorca (or Mallorca). This is a beautiful island close to the Mediterranean Sea. It is in the South East of Spain. The Palma de Mallorca is the heartbeat of this island. Half of the population of Majorca live here. The best nightlife, restaurants, and shops can be found along the streets. Within a walking distance from the city center there are museums, courtyards and palaces. The beaches of Majorca are among its amazing attractions. They are ideal for relaxation and sunbathing.

Taxis from the airport cover nearly every part of Majorca.

Cyclists will find the hill and coastal areas of Majorca a perfect adventure. Since the weather is friendly most times of the year, it is possible to ride these terrains for many months.

There are yet more challenging sports like rock climbing and coasteering available.


It is a holiday destination with a combination of beautiful architecture, amazing beaches, tasty dishes and a rich culture. It is also the most populated island in Spain. The landscape of Tenerife offers visitors a lot of activities in its black sandy beaches, fertile valleys, along the seaside villas and even spectacular volcanic views. Tenerife, as well, is a trendy destination for family holidays, spa and weekend breaks.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Although it is usually synonymous with parties and other forms of entertainment, Las Vegas also has an enviable history. You can learn about this in the older part of the city. The Bellagio water fountain is one of the symbols of Nevada. It was even featured in movies. There is also an underground Shark Reef Aquarium where you can view nature at its best.

Panama City Beach, Florida

It is well-known for its cruises, sails and water tours. There are many nature parks worth visiting like the Conservation Park, ZooWorld Zoological and Frank Brown Park. Games and entertainment centers are not far from the beach.

Alicante, Spain

This is a beautiful and sunny city. Sometimes, there can be rainfall but there are still many sunny days. Alicante is surrounded by hills which makes it ideal for hiking. The city structure and plan are arranged in such a way as to make it good and easy for a walk.

Seville, Spain

It is sometimes called a garden city because of the enormous flowers and fruit bearing trees in the region. Nature and modern society forms a lovely blend which attracts a lot of visitors each year. Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Even at winter, the temperature is still high, at about 15 degrees.