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( — July 10, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — There are a number of symptoms to be very mindful of as some of them are so common that they are often overlooked. It’s easy to tell when one’s feeling famished, fatigued or tense but not many people can tell when they’re suffering from over acidity in their body.  

“The acidity of your blood is measured by determining its pH and a lower pH means that your blood is more acidic, while a higher pH means that your blood is more basic,” explains “The pH of your blood should be around 7.4. According to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), acidosis is characterized by a pH of 7.35 or lower. Alkalosis is characterized by a pH level of 7.45 or higher. While seemingly slight, these numerical differences can be serious. Acidosis can lead to numerous health issues, and it can even be life-threatening.” 

While ensuring an alkaline rich diet falls under the standard dietary rules, for diabetics it’s a lesser known guideline, at least less followed, for the average person but it’s worth committing to healthier eating habits. Consuming alkaline forming foods and drinking alkaline water exclusively is the best way to avoid acidosis and maintain the body’s ideal pH balance. Here are some of the discomforts associated with acidosis as listed by

Most Common symptoms of respiratory acidosis include the following:

·       fatigue or drowsiness

·       becoming tired easily

·       confusion

·       shortness of breath

·       sleepiness

·       headache.

Most common symptoms of metabolic acidosis include the following:

·       rapid and shallow breathing

·       confusion

·       fatigue

·       headache

·       sleepiness

·       lack of appetite

·       jaundice

·       increased heart rate

·       breath that smells fruity, which is a sign of diabetic acidosis (ketoacidosis).

 “In fact, acidity can cause the death of some cells, and in the worst cases, it can stimulate them into becoming cancerous,” says “For this reason, improving your daily eating habits and drinking at least a glass of alkaline water a day is essential. It promotes the expulsion of acidic waste products and balances the pH of the blood to properly oxygenate cells. Drinking it regularly raises your body’s hydration levels, reduces fatigue and prevents the symptoms of premature aging, both internally and externally.” 

Investing in increasing internal alkalinity is a worthwhile step and the pH Booster Drop by HealthyWiser™ makes it so easy to stay alkaline as it can be conveniently added to pretty much any beverage to alter its pH level. Coffee and juice can be pH healthier thanks to the pH Booster Drop so say goodbye to premature crow’s foot around the eyes and start promoting a more youthful lifestyle.

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