Getting Rid of Gout With Alkaline Water

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( — July 16, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — For the most part, the public is in the dark when it comes to understanding gout even though it’s such a pervasive disease. Triggered by the concentration of acid about joints, typically in the hands and feet, gout inflicts similar pains to that of arthritis. In fact, as much as 8.3 million people in the United States are living with gout and it’s on the rise yet a simple inexpensive solution is within reach. Alkaline water helps restore the body’s pH balance when it’s too acidic and becomes threatened by gout.  

“If your body functions the way it’s supposed to the uric acid dissolves and passes out of your body quickly through your urine via your kidneys,” Health Alkaline. “However, if your body is producing too much uric acid, or your kidneys are not flushing them out fast enough, the uric acid just builds up and stores in your body. Then you’re left with sharp urate crystals which look like needles. They begin to develop in your joints and surrounding tissue, causing excruciating pain, inflammation and swelling.” 

Taxing the kidneys beyond its limits opens the door to gout plus many other issues but thankfully, dietary changes can be made to combat it. The body produces something known as purines which in small dosages is find but consuming too much acid forming foods boost purines levels  which in turn creates more acid, specifically uric acid, as a byproduct when metabolized. Organic fruits and vegetables are the best dietary selections as far as eating more alkaline forming food and there’s also the option of drinking more alkaline water. 

“Water is one of the best and simplest home remedies for gout. Water burns clean, it’s passed out of your urine, sweat, breathing, perspiring while working and it doesn’t stress the vital organs like the liver and kidneys and so on. Since water can serve as a joint lubricant, one who is at risk for gout should be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Drinking a half-gallon of water a day may keep gout attacks away.” 

It has been advised by experts across the board that people should drink 8-12 fl. oz. per day, this amounts to the familiar dietician mantra saying to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. It’s even smarter to drink alkaline water since it already possesses the ideal pH level the body requires. 

“An additional benefit, the salt (electrolytes) helps our bodies to the alkaline side of the balance,” details “When we are slightly alkaline, viruses, bacteria and even cancer cannot grow inside us. We can experience our optimal health when slightly alkaline.” 

Ionized water, as alkaline water is sometimes called, is as simple as a natural and medical remedy can get. Using a liquid pH enhancer such as the HealthyWiser™ pH Booster Drops is also an available option as it can be added to almost any solution. That means one’s business luncheons, coffee breaks and dinner drinks can all become healthier with just a few drops of pH Booster to any beverage.

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