Experts Reveal Excess Weight Significantly Increases Health Risks

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( — July 14, 2018) Orlando, FL — Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. Among the factors that contribute to excessive weight gain and obesity is having an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. There are many disadvantages to being overweight or obese, and one is how it jeopardizes overall health.

Experts reveal that excess weight significantly increases health risks. It is not a secret that having excess pounds can be a great burden especially that it can hinder people from engaging in regular physical activities essential for the maintenance of overall health.

According to research, excess weight is associated with the development of 50 different health problems. These medical conditions include stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers, which are among the leading causes of death in many countries around the world.

Excess weight is also associated with common conditions such as gallstones and gout. It is also linked with psychological problems such as depression, which is widely believed to cause a profound, negative impact on one’s life.

In a Harvard study, researchers combined data from over 120,000 women and 50,000 men. The male population in the study were participants in the Health Professional’s Follow-up Study. The females were participants from the Nurses’ Health Study.

The researchers obtained information about the weight and height, health habits, diets, and medical histories of the participants. They also tracked the participants for more than 10 years.

It was found that obesity has increased diabetes risk by 20 times. It has also been associated with the increased risk of developing heart disease, gallstones, stroke, and high blood pressure. The researchers also revealed that higher BMI has been associated with the increased risk of diseases.

In a study from the New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that over half a million of individuals with ages ranging from 50 to 71 years were at increased death rates by 20-40%. The participants were overweight at midlife.

There are various measures overweight or obese people can take to lose weight. It is imperative that they practice a healthy diet and lifestyle on a daily basis. There are also natural supplements such as omega-3 fats that are thought to have fat-burning abilities.

According to, omega-3s may aid in the fat breakdown process as well as reduce additional storage of fat. Omega-3s may be obtained from eating fish such as salmon and tuna but are popularly consumed through fish oil supplementation.


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