Experts Now Warn Against the Dangers of Sleeping Beauty Diet

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( — July 14, 2018) Orlando, FL — People resort to various measures just to achieve their weight loss goals and other aims. One of the recent trends is called the sleeping beauty diet, which many experts appear to disfavor.

In Andrea Giancoli’s opinion, nutrition communications consultant from Hermosa Beach, California, how is one supposed to sleep and hold a job if every time you’re hungry you’re going to take a sedative just to sleep?

This sleeping beauty diet promotes intake of sedatives in times of hunger, and this is done to avoid eating. This means that those who engage in this diet are sleeping at varying times throughout the day.

Doing this can be addictive and even dangerous. Sleeping too much can actually produce some negative effects, such as obesity and weight gain.

Giancoli is a registered dietitian and expert in nutrition policy and vegetarian and fad diets. She said that such a diet is not even grounded in science and is absolutely impractical.

This diet also doesn’t include healthy eating. It is important to understand that it is not only not getting enough sleep, but also oversleeping that are linked with weight gain.

Experts have found that lack of sleep has an effect on the hormones ghrelin (appetite) and leptin (the one that helps you stop eating). The levels of ghrelin tend to escalate when there is lack of sleep, and leptin levels also reduce.

Dr. AlonAvidan, the director of the University of California Los Angeles Sleep Disorders Center, said that sleep deprivation changes the hormone levels and even increases blood sugar and appetite.

The sleeping beauty diet has been nothing but concerning, as it doesn’t recommend exercise and promises weight loss.

Experts have been strengthening their reminders to the public for taking measures that can be helpful for weight management. The primary steps highly recommended by health care providers is to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Having a healthy diet can mean consuming more fruits and vegetables. It also means reducing the risk of processed, junk, fat-promoting food. It is also highly recommended to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, and instead engage in physical activities.

It is unwise and may potentially be dangerous to resort to sleeping beauty diet. However, there are natural remedies like L-Carnitine that may be helpful for weight management.

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