Printable Life Planner Goal Tracker Priority Organizer List Collection Launched

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( — July 17, 2018) — Janice Designs, a graphic designer based in Auckland, New Zealand, launched an updated range of printable planners. This affordable Life Planner bundle comes with more than 85 printable planners, making it ideal for individuals looking to organize their daily, weekly and monthly activities, keep track of their goals, create health and fitness plans, and optimize their activities throughout the year.

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With the internet making it easier than ever to use a digital planner, traditional paper-based planners are still popular. Studies show that writing down information improves long-term retention and offers more control over the information, making printable planners a more efficient alternative to digital versions.

Janice Designs launched a complete bundle of more than 85 printable planners, covering everything from standard daily planners, savings and expense trackers to long-term resolutions, health goals, hobbies and skills, and various others.

The planners have been designed by Janice Banks, a professional graphic designer with extensive experience creating custom graphics for a wide range of applications. The clean yet quirky design makes the planners motivating and fun, encouraging buyers to use them daily for improved organization and productivity.

For convenience and cost-efficiency, the planners are available in multiple sizes, can be printed individually, and feature light colors to minimize ink usage. Available in PDF form, the planners can be reprinted as many times as necessary.

A satisfied client said, “Janice’s combination of beautiful artwork and creative structure make this planner live up to it’s name. She made sure to include any possible templates needed to create the upmost level of organization for so many different aspects of daily life. I get so many compliments when I use my planner in public and I’ve received a lot of praise for the easy organization. I would recommend this planner to anyone wanting a fresh splash of simplicity to their lives.”

Interested parties can find more information and a discount deal of this Life Planner bundle by visiting the above-mentioned website.