Scientists Now Reveal Promising New Approach Could Reduce Tummy Fat

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( — July 27, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more people are resorting to various measures just to maintain a healthy weight. While weight loss can be difficult, it is worth mentioning that there are methods believed to be effective in reducing bulging tummy fat.

According to the scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, they were able to decrease weight gain and fat mass by over 30 percent.

The study involved mice subjected to a high-fat diet. They were able to achieve the results using an approach that consists of a combination of an innovative drug delivery method, and a drug that can transform energy-storing fat into energy-burning brown fat.

Researchers have revealed this new fat reduction method focuses on a skin patch, which is made up of hundreds of micro-needles. These are needles that are thinner than a human hair and are rich in a certain drug.

This drug is called the Beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonist, but there is also another medication known as the thyroid hormone T3 triiodothyronine.

It has been found that when the patch is pressed on the skin even for just a couple of seconds, its thin needles disengage from the patch, and then embed in the skin. This is the time when the patch is then removed.

The needles work by slowly degrading and this is when the drug starts diffusing into energy-storing white fat underneath the skin. This is before the fat is turned into energy-burning brown fats.

The findings of the study were published in the Small Methods journal.

It has stimulated discussions about how to address obesity worldwide. The scientists are now wondering if the approach could be helpful for millions of people who are struggling from carrying extra pounds.

The World Health Organization revealed that 1.9 million adults worldwide were overweight in 2016. It was also found that 650 million people were considered obese. These numbers continue to rise.

Reducing the risk of obesity may be significantly helpful in warding off a range of diseases and disorders. There are basic methods to maintain a healthy weight, such as following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

It may also be helpful to consider what certain natural remedies like L-Carnitine can do in helping to maintain a healthy weight. This amino acid is being widely studied due to the variety of healing benefits it could offer.

L-Carnitine has been found to aid in the fat burning process inside the body, and this could be extremely helpful for weight loss. What makes it even more beneficial is that it is also involved in energy production, which helps people exercise.

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