‘Romeo’ Stole Date’s Car to Date Another Woman

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(Newswire.net — July 22, 2018) — Memphis – A Man from Memphis dubbed in the media as ‘Memphis Romeo’ is accused of car theft after he stole one’s date car to go on a date with another woman, USA Today reports.

Kelton Griffin, 21, picked a car for his date by targeting a 2006 Volvo S60 of her friend.

According to the police, he picked up his date at her house on Saturday afternoon and tricked her to let him drive because it was a surprise. After they stopped at the gas station, she was really surprised to discover both her date and her car were missing.

Reportedly Griffin stopped at the gas station and asked his date to buy some cigars. While she was inside the store, he disappeared. She tried to call Griffin but there was no answer. Then she tried contacting him over messenger only to find out she has been deleted from his contacts.

“During the course of the evening, (the victim) made several attempts to make contact with Griffin, who would not answer her calls and deleted her from his social media sites,” the affidavit said. “She also alerted her family members to the fact her car had been taken.”

Griffin, however, didn’t get very far. He decided to date a car owner’s godsister who recognized the vehicle and secretly texted the victim their whereabouts.

This woman said Griffin had asked her on a date and planned to pick her up at her grandmother’s house.

According to the affidavit, the victim rushed to other woman’s house to intercept Griffin but he wasn’t there.

Then the chase for ‘Memphis Romeo’ started. Unaware that his date is tipping of their location by texting their whereabouts to the car theft victim, he drove to the summer drive-in movie theater around 10 PM. The goodsister texted the victim that they are watching a show “while sitting in her vehicle.”

Police arrived at the scene and found Griffin sitting in the driver’s seat of the Volvo. He was taken in to custody and charged for car theft.