Albany Osteopathic Clinic Announces Updated Range of Services

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( — July 23, 2018) — Better Bodies Osteo, a professional osteopathic clinic based in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore announced an updated range of osteopathic services for office workers seeking treatment for back, neck, shoulder pain and headaches.

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The practice is run by qualified and registered osteopath Mr Ray Daniels. Mr Daniels holds a current Annual Practicing Certificate with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand and the clinic is an ACC registered provider. He prides herself on his high-quality range of treatment services that are designed to ensure patients can return to their peak health faster.

When asked about the motivation behind these treatments for office workers, Mr Daniels stated, “I have been seeing a lot of office workers lately, who are having issues with shoulder, back and neck pain, including headaches. This can be due to an injury, but is often due to the long hours of sitting in front of a computer with poor posture. The body works as a unit, which is why patients respond really well (within a few treatments) to releasing all the tension, compensatory patterns and assymmetries, instead of just treating locally. That is my aim, to find the specific cause of pain and treat the surrounding structures. This gets the body moving and feeling better, and improves the general health and wellbeing of my patients.”

To ensure the most comfortable, pleasant and relaxed experience possible for each and every patient, Ray combines his musculoskeletal medical expertise and personalized hands-on approach with a friendly, welcoming attitude able to put anyone at ease.

Patients can also contact Better Bodies Osteo for professional therapies for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including pregnancy related aches and pains, sports injuries, arthritis and breathing issues. Mr Daniels states, “I have a passion for finding the root cause of a patient’s pain and dysfunction, so I always look at the bigger picture. This means assessing the movement of the whole body, looking at posture and lifestyle factors, which is a lot more effective than only looking at the local symptoms. I also genuinely care about patients getting better quickly, so I give them take-home stretches and exercises to keep the body moving and feeling better. I also aim to be professional, friendly and thorough in everything I do.”

The clinic aims to help anyone who suffers with back, neck, shoulder, knee, elbow or hip pain find some lasting relief and those looking to address muscle, joint, ligament and tendon issues or mitigate stress related tension do so in a more effective and caring manner.

Office workers can contact Better Bodies Osteo for special osteopathy treatments designed to promote better musculoskeletal health while at work for an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

To book an appointment with Better Bodies Osteo and find out more about all the osteopathy and soft tissue treatments on offer, simply visit the website at the link provided above.