Experts Highlight the Techniques in Dealing with Arthritis in Senior Horses

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( — August 3, 2018) Orlando, FL — Animals such as horses are susceptible to health problems like humans are. There are conditions such as arthritis that are prevalent in the elderly population, both in humans and horses. There are measures that horse owners can use to help their pets overcome the challenges carried along in having the condition.

Experts highlight the techniques in dealing with arthritis in senior horses. Wear and tear in the joint cartilage takes place as a horse ages. It results from the years or lifetime of movements and physical activities.

When the joint’s articular surfaces degenerate, is causes inflammation and then eventually arthritis. While this condition may impact horses of any age, it is more prevalent in the older ones. Inflammation results from the erosion of joint structures due to wear and tear.

It is believed that older horses are more susceptible to losing the elasticity of their ligaments and tendons. Aging seems to increase cell death in fibrous tissues, which causes thinning of the joint cartilage. When these undesirable changes take place, it reduces the shock-absorbing capabilities of a horse’s cartilage. This typically results in increased joint trauma.

There are symptoms to watch for such as subtle changes in the manner that the horse moves. This includes hollowing of the back, shortening of stride, or raising of the head. The horse may also show unwillingness to perform tasks it was used to doing in the past.

The symptoms may vary, and there are horses with arthritis that don’t just suffer from stiffness but also puffiness around a joint. There are also horses that suffer from pain in the area of a joint.

According to experts, owners who notice any of these symptoms should take their pet to a veterinary clinic. Veterinarians often conduct tests, diagnose, and then provide certain treatments. Vets often inform owners which joints are affected and of the severity of the arthritic problem.

The details that a veterinarian provides can help owners get the best arthritis management plan. Diet plays an important role in helping elderly horses cope with the challenges. It is recommended to feed a horse with a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that are essential for brain and body functions. These fats are also popular among humans who suffer from arthritis. Omega-3s are believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties.

According to research, horses with arthritis that were dosed with omega-3 supplements experienced a reduction in the levels of inflammation. The horses also achieved a reduction in pain as well as longer stride length.


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