Scientists Now Strongly Warn Against The Dangerous Effects Of Sedentary Lifestyle

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( — August 3, 2018) Orlando, FL — Health experts have long recommended regular exercise to ward off a range of diseases. There have been many studies that found living a sedentary lifestyle has several disadvantages for health.

The scientists from UT Southwestern and Texas Health Resources conducted a study.

In this research, it has been found there is an association between heart muscle stiffening and consequent heart-failure risk to a sedentary lifestyle.

Benjamin Levine, Professor of Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern, has used the analogy of a rubber-band to explain the elasticity of the heart.

A rubber band loses its stretchiness and strength when it is in a drawer unused for a long time. This is also how the heart works and muscle stiffening occurs when it is unable to get sufficient blood supply to pump.

It is worth mentioning the human heart has ventricles, which are chambers. Once the body is inactive, it leads to stiffening of the heart muscles. Blood is then unable to properly enter the ventricles.

During extreme cases, the blood is pushed back into the lungs and when this happens, it results in heart failure. Keeping heart muscle elasticity can aid in preventing this from happening.

Some studies were performed by cardiologists at the Institute of Exercise and Environmental Medicine (IEEM).

These studies have found sufficient exercise aids in keeping the heart muscles flexible and healthy. In aging adults, it is wise to exercise and reverse the harmful impacts of an inactive lifestyle in the past.

The heart is the biggest muscle inside the human body, and is one considered to be most affected by a sedentary lifestyle. Experts have long recommended to take the measures necessary in taking better care of their heart health.

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