Gwent and Torfaen Business Networking Referral and Leads Directory Announced

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( — August 12, 2018) — A new opportunity has been announced for businesses around Newport, Gwent and Torfaen to join the City Business Links network for development and growth opportunities. Members are able to get savings, free tax investigation insurance, professional energy audits, exclusive savings, discounts on website design and more.

Full details can be found at:

The site explains that there are a number of benefits to joining the professional business network for companies in Newport, Gwent and Torrance. The network provides a secure, private environment that is dedicated to each member and helping them to do more business, grow, and find new connections.

Members can get connected with like minded professionals in their area, finding new chances for growth, business development, and improvement in every aspect of running their business. They can also get more local leads to help improve sales.

This can be huge for companies in today’s competitive marketing environment. Connecting with other business owners and professionals in Wales allows each member to engage with other professionals in their field, promote their business in new ways, and grow together to achieve success.

Many Welsh businesses want to increase local leads and sales, but often the business owners don’t know the most effective way of getting the best results. Whether business owners want to do more business in their area, connect with like minded company owners, or get more business support, City Business Links can help.

Other benefits to the network include chances to get business protection, get more trusted referrals, and genuine business support. In addition to this, members can join exclusive in-person meetings and online meetings to develop key skills in new areas.

Anyone can become a member today through a rage of packages, including one-day, month-long and yearly membership options. This allows members to promote their company in new ways across the city, find potential suppliers, and get more customers.

Full details can be found on the URL above.