Scientists Now Reveal Link Between Sleep Paralysis and Stress

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( — September 4, 2018) Orlando, FL — Sleep paralysis affects many nowadays and it has become a popular subject in many studies. This occurrence has been known to cause some disquieting side effects.

According to researchers, sleep paralysis pertains to being mentally aware yet being totally unable to move. This happens while one is falling asleep or waking up, and lasts for a few minutes only.

It has been found to cause a sensation of simply being watched by an intruder or an intense pressure on the chest. It could also lead to sensory hallucinations.

Alice Gregory, a professor of psychology at Goldsmiths University of London, says that sleep paralysis “occurs when features of REM sleep, specifically muscle paralysis, continue into our waking lives.”

A recent review of studies was published in the Sleep Medicine Reviews journal.

In this review, the research team analyzed 42 sleep paralysis studies. They were aiming to determine the characteristics most commonly associated with sleep paralysis.

They compared the frequency in the episodes of sleep paralysis with many variables, which includes diet, ethnicity, sex, age, genetics, hypnotizability, income, caffeine intake, IQ, and past stress.

They speculate there is a link between sleep paralysis episodes and poor sleep quality. It has also been found some factors linked with disrupted sleep are also associated with sleep paralysis.

It is worth mentioning that disturbed sleep is actually quite common in those who use substances like drugs or who report stress or some psychiatric issues.

Researchers also suggest there may be a link between stress and anxiety and the likelihood of sleep paralysis. Those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) demonstrated increased risk of this condition.

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