6 Simple Gourmet Cooking Cookbooks – Quick and Easy Recipes for Home Cooks

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(Newswire.net — August 31, 2018) — Simple Gourmet Cooking has announced a special offer on a custom collection of Cookbooks, now available at on their website >> link here. Fans and consumers of the home cooking space should find these recipe books particularly interesting.

The creator, Keith Reilly, talks about how he came up with the idea for creating the Simple Gourmet Cooking Cookbooks, and why he’s offering them at a discount for a limited time:

“I grew up in with a love of cooking and a family that simply assumed one day I would become a chef. I became a teacher, of sorts…. Even at 55 years young, I love cooking, and even more, I love that I’ve instilled a love of cooking into the lives of my 4 children. With slightly more time on my hands at this stage in my life, I’ve finally decided that it was time to share my cookery skills – amassed from life-long practice and many varied cooking courses – with the world at large. Have you ever been out to a swanky restaurant and had an amazing meal? Then wished you could go home and be able to cook like that? Well, 3 of my 6 cookbooks teach you how to replicate famous restaurant favourites.”

You won’t be at “Masterchef” standard straight away, but over time, Simple Gourmet Cooking promised to help you develop the skills, techniques and confidence to be able to tackle any dish. According to Reilly, it doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your culinary journey. Whether you have been cooking for years, or are just starting out.

Proving just how proud of a father Reilly is, he attributes this limited time offer to his daughter, who is going off to University this year.

“As a gift to my daughter, whom I am more proud of than I could ever eloquently express,” he continues, “I’ve agreed to pay for her University housing. She didn’t want to ‘put me out’ so I agreed that I would only give her what money I could raise through a special, limited time offer on my cookbooks. Daughters can be so bossy – what happened to a Dad’s right to just pay for everything!?”

For all home cooks who want to introduce new quick and easy recipes to their meal plans, or have been trying to replicate their favourite restaurants biggest sellers, this collection of 6 Cookbooks is a perfect addition to their online library.

Though Simple Gourmet Cooking began publishing these Cookbooks in 2017, this is the first time they’ve been bundle together and offered at such a large discount. Sweetening the deal, healthy cooking blog Choose To Cook has donated 2 free bonus downloadable guides to support the cause.

To find out more and take advantage of Ms. Reilly’s introduction to University housing, visit their sales page at: https://simplegourmetcooking.com/coffee-dan-special-offer/.