15 Ways to Stay Healthy on Your Next Vacation

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(Newswire.net — August 30, 2018) — Have you ever indulged just a little too much on your vacation that you come back feeling more lethargic than afresh? Most of us often take the word ‘vacation’ in a completely opposite sense. Rather than relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves away from the hustling-bustling life, we get involved in activities which make us feel more tired and drained off energy. So, why call it a vacation then?

The main mantra to relaxing as well as staying healthy on your next vacation is to plan a trip based on your health and wellbeing. Make your travel less stressful and adhere to good wellness habits.

Here are 15 ways to stay healthy on your next vacation and make the most of your time.

1. Simply Walk

One of the best ways to explore a new place is on foot. Instead of watching the beautiful highlights of the place through a bus or taxi’s window, get on foot and explore every nook and corner as per your ease. Simply put on your walking shoes and get going. Though some destinations may require you to take transportation, but for the rest, walk it up.

If you’re on a beach vacation, then try and walk along the beach line every morning, enjoying the oceanic view and soaking in the majestic of the nature. Walking significantly improves your heart’s health, metabolism rate, adds strength to the bones and reduces the risk of suffering from many lifestyle related diseases.

2. Ride a bicycle

Apart from a plethora of health benefits, riding a bicycle has its own fun. Simply rent a bike and hit the road. Many cities across the globe now offer public bicycles for tourists and localities alike to hire bicycles at nominal rates per day and use them for as long as they want.

Cycling is not only a fun way to explore a city, especially if you’re travelling with a gang of friends; it’s a smart way to stay fit and healthy as well.

3. Book a fitness-friendly trip

If you have trouble staying healthy when you travel then it’s a good idea to book a hotel that has wellness facilities. Go on a yoga retreat. It’s a great way to relax your mind, body and soul. Or, get some regular, oil or herbal massage in the hotel’s massage room.

On the other hand, if your trip involves hiking adventures, then they themselves will keep you fit for the trip. Go on a horse ride, spend some time learning some new sports like windsurfing, or opt for similar activities. A wellness trip is all about finding the right way to keep you fit and healthy.

4. Have a go-to traveling exercise routine

Even when you’re on a vacation, try and keep pace with your regular exercise regime. Ask your trainer to plan a set of exercises which you can take up when on a vacation. Typically, body weight exercises are considered as great options as you don’t need to carry anything extra. You can easily find all you need within your place of accommodation or at the nearest park – a chair, a bench, a clean place for exercises like pushups, squats, etc.

5. Track your Activities

If you’re unable to keep pace with your fitness routine when on a vacation, then simply make a conscious effort to keep a track of your progress. It’s okay to skip a couple of days. But, in the long run, it’s essential to get back on your fitness regime even if it means simply walking down to the pool and taking a swim. It’s a good way to keep your motivated and spirits high.

6. Join a Local Class

Staying fit and healthy when you travel can be a bit difficult. So, look for some local classes where you can take up some fitness activities. Find a gym or capsular yoga classes near your place of accommodation that allows you to pay per class. If you wish to try something different, you can even join some capsular dance classes. It’s one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy.

7. Plan Active Adventures

While a vacation typically means relaxing away from your regular, fast-paced life, but opting for some adventure activities is a good idea. Take a surfing lesson or go on a local hiking adventure. Swim in the ocean for about an hour or simply play some sports by the beach.

8. Stay hydrated

One of the top wellness tips is to stay hydrated, especially when you’re on a vacation.We often mistake dehydration for hunger, so pause, understand your body’s signals and drink up a glass of water every now and then to stay energized and hydrated.

9. Sleep – As Much as you want

Our bodies demand rest, especially when travelling across two different time zones, physically travelling with a lot of luggage, or in case of a road trip. Make sure you make the most of your trip and sleep as much as you can. Sleeping is one of the best ways to relax and destress yourself.

10. Dig into Delicacies, but in moderation

For some of us, travelling can be all about exploring new and exciting local food delicacies and delving into them. But, the trick is not to overeat. No matter how tasty that dish, maybe, try and not overdo, for it can upset your stomach and even make you feel sick.

11. Pace yourself

We often travel to see new things and exciting new locations. Amidst this, we also overdo trying to see all the things while we’re there. But, sometimes it’s not possible to cover everything in one go. Pace yourself yet plan accordingly. Prepare an itinerary that defines all the places which you can visit in a day and relax equally.

12. Find fitness-friendly buddies

Traveling with a fitness-friendly buddy can help you stay on track with your fitness. This is because, both of you can keep each other motivated throughout the vacation. Decide in advance what you both want to achieve and how you’ll remain health conscious while traveling.

13. Cook some of your own meals

Binging into local dishes all through your trip can definitely upset your stomach. It’s a good idea to cook yourself some healthy meals every now and then. This will also help you in staying budget-friendly and away from grabbing extra carbs and fats which your fitness regime doesn’t allow.

14. Wear sunscreen

Staying healthy doesn’t just mean exercising, but also keeping your skin healthy. When travelling to beach or a place with extreme conditions, don’t forget to pack your skin cream along. Blistering red skin or patches do not look go.

15. Find some time to stretch

Stretching is one of the best ways for your body to stay in shape while on a vacation. Start your day by stretching or catching up with some good yoga poses which help in relaxing your muscles and keeping you fit.